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    Inreach........ One and done.
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    Inreach! One lesson learned this year was that the clip on the unit is not that great, and I ended up losing my device while elk hunting. I called the customer service in hopes that they could pin point the device for me, but aside from a "general area" I was screwed. Finally the battery died and according to their customer service, the device has not moved. I bit the bullet and re-purchased a refurbished unit from them for $150 which should show up any day now. In the meantime, I bought a cheaper SPOT device for the rest of my hunts, but quickly learned that the slightly extra per month for the InReach is well worth it. Having more than the generic, preset messages is clutch when you need to solicit help from your friends and family for help when you get one down! When I get the new unit, I will be sure to keep it attached to my pack more securely.
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    Has anyone besides Buschy tried the ACR Artex? If all you want is an "emergecy alrert" beacon, then subscription is not required. I just started researching them, so I'm not an expert but they do look interesting.

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    I picked up a DeLorme InReach Explorer on Flebay for ~ $200 with the box and manual. works great.

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    I bought the SPOT GEN 3 and never used it, I should list it in the classified. I was going to start using it but With the DeLorme in reach I can send personalized messages to my wife, or vice versa. I like the piece of mind I can have.
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    I like being able to receive messages from home. I was on an elk hunt once and my wife was able to reach me to let me know she was very sick and heading to the hospital. I also keep mine on all year dude to travelling a lot and in no cell coverage areas quite a bit. Twice now I've broken down and was able to reach my wife for her to arrange help for me. I like being able to send my own messages from the unit. A good morning or good night text or something special isn't possible with the other beacons. My wife and family appreciates it.
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