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    Default Cooler size for flying?

    I am going on a hunt, and I am curious if anybody has an idea of what size of cooler would be best for a total weight of 100 pounds. I can pay an overweight fee for up to 100 pounds, but I cannot exceed 100 pounds without shipping as cargo which would cause a delay.
    To save weight, this will be a non-Roto molded type of cooler. So, let's say it will weigh 15 to 20 pounds empty.
    What size of cooler would be right for about 80 pounds of meat?

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    IIRC most normal 70qt coolers are as big as allowable without going into oversize baggage fees. I've loaded a 70qt right up to the 100# limit with frozen meat. I've used Igloo's and their price is easy to absorb. Toss a partial roll of duct tape into your bag to tape them shut as most only have a friction fit lid.

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    Normally, I wouldn't throw a answer out that doesn't aswer the question, but have you considered softsides? When I flew home from the redezvous this spring I had a Rtic 40 Softside cooler (weighs about 5lbs) loaded with 40lbs of moose meat. It kept the meat rock solid for over 24hours, and I seemed guess is could have gone days longer without any risk.

    I am not sure how much extra $$ is will cost you to ship meat home, but it might be more cost effective to invest in some softsides and pay for extra check bags.
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    I bring my meat home vacuum sealed and frozen, placed inside of a down sleeping bag and then inside of a large dry bag.

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    If you go with something like this you have a 7 lb cooler 48 quart cooler available just about anywhere. Meat is roughly the same density of water which is 2 lbs/quart so the maximum weight of meat would be 96 lbs and a max loaded cooler weight of 103 lbs before duct tape. Realistically you can probably pack to 80% efficiency by volume. Larger 60-70 quart coolers are tend to weigh closer to 12-15 lbs so you wont be packing much if any more meat, but with a little less Tetris.

    My plan for 2017 is to fly meat back with a combination of soft sided coolers loaded to 50 lbs and the 48 quart coolers loaded to 85-100 lbs.

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    I think I got my plan nailed down.
    Thank you all for your input!

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