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    Default Northern California Pig Hunting: Sonoma County

    I'm looking to put together some DIY pig hunts in Sonoma County (north of San Francisco) this summer. These will be my first ever pig hunts. I'm eager to learn as much as possible about pig hunting this area and hearing stories from any of you that are willing to share them. Anybody out there have experience hunting pigs in this area?


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    Many years ago I did some pig hunting in the Tehama County area near Susanville. Not sure what its like these days but it was decent back then.

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    Summer is the most challenging time to hunt them, they will be on the move, but keeping near water. The lack of food will make them lean and "gamey" (I hate that word), IMO you're better off saving your time for shortly after when the acorns start to drop and their food sources return as they are far better table fare.
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    I hunted many years in some prime pig hunting area behind lake Sonoma, that being said I'd spend the summer trying to find land to hunt for this fall and winter. Pig hunting in the summer is when pigs are at there leanest! You should research hunting lake Sonoma if you archery hunt. I believe it is open in the fall/ winter and if you have access to a boat. Good hunting!

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    Only place I ever hunted pigs or deer in Sonoma Co. was on a buddies ranch near Cazzadero above Ft.Ross.
    Great wild pigs & blacktails. Sonny's place backed up to NF & I carried one 3mi down the ridge to the Gualala River & hwy instead of the 4mi hike back up to the house.
    Don't know if that was a good idea,but I could carry a 120lb pig on my shoulders in those days ,no brains....

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    Great feedback and really appreciate you taking the time to share with me the downside of hunting summer pigs. I plan to eat what I hunt so I will take your advice and hunt later in the year. Do you happen to know when the acorns drop in Sonoma County? I have been told to give Northern side of Lake Berryessa a shot. Do you have any experience in this area?

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    Thank you, I'm a rifle hunter, but I will look into it.

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    Nor Cal, I'm not sure about the lake berryessa area, I did most of my pig hunting after the fall rains started and thru the winter into spring. I found the best days to hunt pigs is right after a storm and the first sunny morning. The grass is green, acorns on the ground. If you luck out into some prime hunting area pigs tend to travel the same good food areas. I always hunted out and usually on the way back hunted thru the area I just hunted. Good luck finding property.

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    Yeah, they're leaner in summer, but if you just try to shoot the smaller ones (~75lbs or less) they will still taste fine. You can always make sausage and add pork fat to it. We hunted them and ate pigs all year. However, I had a buddy who would always shoot the big boars, they were tough to skin and tough to eat regardless of the season. The only downsides I found to summer hunting out there were ticks and the dry, hot weather...Get after them!
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    Been searching for some Cali pig info as well. Will update with anything I get worth while. Would like to get a hunt or two in this year.

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    thank you again for the feedback and information--very helpful. huntbux, happy to share whatever i learn as well.

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    So I am a Sonoma County resident and there is only one piece of public land in Sonoma County to shoot pigs and that is Lake Sonoma. It is boat in only and bow and arrow only. There are a couple of other public lands in Sonoma County, but you are not going to see pig on them. Lake Berryssa is not worth the time and especially during the summer. Remember that pigs spoil extremely fast in our heat. If you are hell bent on Sonoma County, you had better get to know some people with private property (if you don't have a boat or bow hunt)...

    To get to where the pigs are on Lake Sonoma, it's at least a 20 to 30 min boat ride. You can't hike there.

    If you are not bent on Sonoma County, but are bent on public land, I would suggest south of the bay is where you should be looking. If you want private land, I would suggest Golden Ram or one of the other hunting clubs which have pig properties. I could shoot a pig on Golden Ram's properties in Sonoma County most any day of the year.

    The biggest problem with Sonoma County currently is the parks and open space have been trapping all our hogs and culling them. In the last 5 years, they have probably killed more than 1,000 pigs.

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    Thank you for all the information. Currently, I'm rifle only. I may transition to bow, but not this year. Any suggestions on southern public lands that might hold some pigs?

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    You may want to try a guided hunt either down south in the San Luis Obispo area or up north willows / Red Bluff for this fall / winter. Best I can do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCal Hunter View Post
    I'm looking to put together some DIY pig hunts in Sonoma County (north of San Francisco) this summer. These will be my first ever pig hunts. I'm eager to learn as much as possible about pig hunting this area and hearing stories from any of you that are willing to share them. Anybody out there have experience hunting pigs in this area?

    NorCal, I lived, worked, and hunted for years in that area. There's a lot of private land in Sonoma. If you want some better Public land access, give Lake Co a try. Cow Mountain, Bartlett Springs, and Jerusalem Valley have good pig numbers and a lot of public land in either BLM, USFS land. I've taken a lot of pigs in those areas.


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    Thank you so much for the valuable information. I will check out the areas you mentioned. Really looking forward to scouting areas and building up my knowledge of public lands.


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    Check out Fort Hunter Leggit, Los Padres National Forest, and CDFW has some public land out near Parkfield.

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    We have to many hogs in Arkansas. U can kill them by any way any time on pravite land. Or public land in deer or bear season . The game and fish offiers by me trapped them 2 of them. I was told the 2 killed over a 1000 hogs and drug in the brush to animals too eat. Here u can shoot them and let lay. I never do it I get every one I kill. So many of them.

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    Thanks for all the information!

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    Hi Bowhunter60,
    With deer season behind me I'm ready to hunt pigs. Your advice is much appreciated. Any other specific information on what I should be looking for within Lake County (areas you recommended)? Pig hunting is brand new to me and I look forward to harvesting my first one!

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