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    Question .264 Win Mag

    Trying to figure out a load for my .264 for this season, I want to switch to copper eventually but finding components has been a bit tough and I'm inclined to wait a couple of years and see if the 6.5 craze gets more bullets in circulation.

    Therefore I have purchased a box of 140gr partitions and am thing about using Retumbo, starting at 63 grains, and working my way up from there hoping to get 3100 fps. I really only use this rifle for hunting and have probably only put 80 rounds through it in the lasts 5 years so I'm not really worried about burning the barrel. This is a old Remington 700 with a 1-9 twist and a 24" barrel. In the next 18 months I plan to hunt black bear, elk , mule deer, and either caribou or moose in AK .

    Does anyone have any experience loading this caliber and/or using retumbo?

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    I have no experience, but have been enamored with the cartridge for a long time. I think that load you propose would work on the game you have listed. I've read alot of good things about folks using 140ish grain bullets with R33 or surplus powders like WC872 and getting higher velocities than you are targeting. If you are really wanting to switch to a mono-metal, the 120gr Etip will start faster, has a higher BC, and therefore will fly flatter than a 140gr Partition. Probably penetrate just as well. Another I'd be looking at is the 140gr Accubond. I wouldn't have any problem using them on the game you have listed out of a 264 Win Mag.

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    1_pointer is correct in that the 140 gr. Partition and Accubond would both work very well for you in the .264 for the game you listed. Those 120 gr. E-tips are something else also! My son shoots a 6mm Remington using 90 gr. E-tips and he's taken antelope, deer, and his first elk with his 6mm. The elk was a large cow that he shot once at 350 yards. The bullet exited her offside shoulder and she didn't go any further than about 20 yards before she tipped over.
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