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    Hi Guys

    Time for next update.
    In the last weeks, not much happened.
    In our area some fellow hunters have shot 3 bucks.
    2 Spikers and one special. When I first saw him I thought that he looks like a Whitetail. Because of the shape of the antlers which is very unusual for a roebuck.
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    Fishing is very difficult at the moment.
    Because the verry sunny and unusually hot waeter for this time of the year.
    Many lakes and some rivers have a problem with too less oxygen.
    The only thing that is promising in the moment is nightfishing for eel in small streams and rivers.
    This 3 I have caught in a only 10 ft wide dig. The big one is about 3 pound.
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    That last pic is about enough to give me the willies! Congrats and thanks for sharing the pictures.

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    That roe has a really freaky head!
    That's what the actress said to the bishop

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1_pointer View Post
    That last pic is about enough to give me the willies! Congrats and thanks for sharing the pictures.
    I know that many people in US, donīt like eels.
    But here, especially in Germany, fishing for eel is verry popular.

    Smoked, they are an expensive delicacy!
    A traditional food for special occasions!

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    Definitely a lack of exposure thin with me and eels. I'd gladly fish for them and eat them. Just very different than what I'm used to fishing for.

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    Hello everybody.
    Time for the next update.

    In the last few days a few bucks have been shot in our area.
    Mostly young ones. But the rut beginns and the activity increases.
    One of the last bucks was a really old and big 6 pointer.
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    Yesterday we were in the kindergarten for some education. To tell the kids something about environmental protection, animals and hunting. We had a trailer with mounted animals, a dog work demonstration with the german shorthaired pointer of a friend, and my ferrets were there too. Man... that was fun!
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    I canīt wait for 1. of August. Then starts the season for geese and crows. At the moment I see hundreds of geese flying to the stubble fields every morning and evening. Right behind my house!
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    Great outreach program!!

    I also get a chuckle out of the proper location for the use of the word kindergarten! We use that word here for the same thing, but I think where/when you use it, it's more appropriate.

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