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    Alas, she only hunt bars and only on May 5 each year. Lily may have a problem now that I think about it. I got her when she was a year old and thought the person said Lily hunts "bears" as in Can You Skin Grizz, Pilgrim though was bars. Also, she was not a Springer Spaniel puppy. She was an adult Papillion which is spaniel but along the lines of me being in sheep shape. I am in shape though the shape is oval.

    Am jealous you guys have such great looking dogs that do productive things. While I sit here nursing a longneck in this "bear" talking to cougars. Lily says arf arf woof see you in the woods.

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    This is silky. She will be six months old on the 23rd. I resisted getting a dog for quite a while, because after my last experience with a very hard headed Jack Russel Terrier mix I came to the conclusion that no dog deserved an owner like me. This time I committed to going all in for the dog, and I usually refer to her as my personal trainer now. She wakes me up at a quarter to six each morning and takes me for a two mile walk/jog. When I get home at five she is waiting for me, and we hit the woods and fields nearby. I bought a chuckit because my arm is shot, and it has turned out to be a god-send. I figure each throw is 50 to 60 yards one way, and if I do that 20 times in an evening she will run full tilt for a mile and a half. Last week I was working late to try to get caught up on grading papers, and by 5:30 she was getting very anxious. Next to my wife and boys, she is the best thing in my life. I can't wait for bird season.Name:  IMG_1385.jpg
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    Looks like Randy and I let our wives pick out the family dog. Here his Coco (short for coconut). When I was a kid until I got married I always had 2 beagles to rabbit hunt with. That was prior to cell phones so don't have any pics in digital form handy.

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    A PM got me thinking about this pic, it was a good time. We took my 5 YO daughter out for her first rabbit hunt. My GSP did a good job keeping the rabbits moving for my hunting partner to take two. I wont say how many we missed.

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    Nicely done!! Versatile dog for sure!

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    It was definitely not like hunting with beagles but still effective. He would run in and out of the brush then sight chase them as they ran out of the thicket. I was in brush busting inside it too and that kept them moving everywhere. Those bunnies didn't know what to do. It was pretty funny as my GSP is way faster than what my beagles were and he could almost catch them. A good time to remember.

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    My PP would love to get somewhere with some room to chase rabbits. We have some in our neighborhood. He's contained in the yard by an invisible fence. Every once in a while he'll just take the zap and take off after a bunny. Lol. He likes to let me know where they are...

    I swear his staunchest points have been of rabbits just past the fence!

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    Not much of a hunter but this is ol' Beau

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    This is my old buddy Hunter, he passed on about six year ago now. He was then and still is the best hound ive ever hunted with.

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    Here are my boys on an shed antler hunt this spring. We didn't find any antlers but had a great hike and saw several elk.
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    My Mountain Pig. Pig the pug:

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    It blows my mind how much this guy likes to hike. He spent four days in the wilderness with me this past week--he's been asleep on the couch ever since.

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    My friend from Norfolk joined me this weekend, sadly the deer didn't play ball, but he brought his tracking dog with him, a Bavarian Mountain Hound,what a stunning looking dog.

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    That's what the actress said to the bishop

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