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    Alas, she only hunt bars and only on May 5 each year. Lily may have a problem now that I think about it. I got her when she was a year old and thought the person said Lily hunts "bears" as in Can You Skin Grizz, Pilgrim though was bars. Also, she was not a Springer Spaniel puppy. She was an adult Papillion which is spaniel but along the lines of me being in sheep shape. I am in shape though the shape is oval.

    Am jealous you guys have such great looking dogs that do productive things. While I sit here nursing a longneck in this "bear" talking to cougars. Lily says arf arf woof see you in the woods.

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    This is silky. She will be six months old on the 23rd. I resisted getting a dog for quite a while, because after my last experience with a very hard headed Jack Russel Terrier mix I came to the conclusion that no dog deserved an owner like me. This time I committed to going all in for the dog, and I usually refer to her as my personal trainer now. She wakes me up at a quarter to six each morning and takes me for a two mile walk/jog. When I get home at five she is waiting for me, and we hit the woods and fields nearby. I bought a chuckit because my arm is shot, and it has turned out to be a god-send. I figure each throw is 50 to 60 yards one way, and if I do that 20 times in an evening she will run full tilt for a mile and a half. Last week I was working late to try to get caught up on grading papers, and by 5:30 she was getting very anxious. Next to my wife and boys, she is the best thing in my life. I can't wait for bird season.Name:  IMG_1385.jpg
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    Looks like Randy and I let our wives pick out the family dog. Here his Coco (short for coconut). When I was a kid until I got married I always had 2 beagles to rabbit hunt with. That was prior to cell phones so don't have any pics in digital form handy.

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    A PM got me thinking about this pic, it was a good time. We took my 5 YO daughter out for her first rabbit hunt. My GSP did a good job keeping the rabbits moving for my hunting partner to take two. I wont say how many we missed.

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    Nicely done!! Versatile dog for sure!

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    It was definitely not like hunting with beagles but still effective. He would run in and out of the brush then sight chase them as they ran out of the thicket. I was in brush busting inside it too and that kept them moving everywhere. Those bunnies didn't know what to do. It was pretty funny as my GSP is way faster than what my beagles were and he could almost catch them. A good time to remember.

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    My PP would love to get somewhere with some room to chase rabbits. We have some in our neighborhood. He's contained in the yard by an invisible fence. Every once in a while he'll just take the zap and take off after a bunny. Lol. He likes to let me know where they are...

    I swear his staunchest points have been of rabbits just past the fence!

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    Not much of a hunter but this is ol' Beau

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    This is my old buddy Hunter, he passed on about six year ago now. He was then and still is the best hound ive ever hunted with.

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    Here are my boys on an shed antler hunt this spring. We didn't find any antlers but had a great hike and saw several elk.
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    My Mountain Pig. Pig the pug:

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    It blows my mind how much this guy likes to hike. He spent four days in the wilderness with me this past week--he's been asleep on the couch ever since.

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    My friend from Norfolk joined me this weekend, sadly the deer didn't play ball, but he brought his tracking dog with him, a Bavarian Mountain Hound,what a stunning looking dog.

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    That's what the actress said to the bishop

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    This is Roscoe. My wife got him for me during my last deployment. He truely is my best friend (don't tell her that). He has gotten me through some tough times and we've shared some great times.

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    Default My bf

    My bf JakeName:  IMG_0606.jpg
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    This is the family dog Daisy. I'm sure many dog owners have said this, but never in my life have I seen a dog with more personality (good and bad). We bought her as a cow dog for bringing dairy cows to the barn. She did alright as a pup but we sold the dairy when she was about a year old. Plus at 7 months she had her face kicked in by a horse, so she never got a lot of good experience. Her work is now occasionally pushing cows back while opening gates, as she is more of a pet than a work dog.

    She is by no means a hunting dog, but she will tree a squirrel, catch and kill opossums, get her butt torn up by coons, tree opossum or coon come tell you she has it treed then run back to the tree and repeat until you kill it, and will retrieve a duck but only if it is still alive.

    She sleeps at my brother's house at night, days out working with my dad, and routinely checks in with my grandma for something to eat or lay on the porch. Sadly because of how my grandma feeds her this will likely be the death of her, but you can't tell a 90 year old woman no. She is almost 9 years old now with age and heath are taking their toll of her. She aint as good as she once was, but she's as good once as she ever was.
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    She's 6 months old and sassy as all get out. Took her out a few weeks ago to watch & learn from an experienced dog. She did great and lasted all day. About mile 7 or 8 she started to whine. Luckily we were only a 1/2 mile or so from the truck. No birds yet, but she's a keeper.

    Greta Magoo, or Groot for short.

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    get over it commies..

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    This is Skia my 5 year old Lab. She is the daughter of my now retired 12 year old black lab. This was a cold day for us I snuck up on a group of swans wind not in my favor but we got it done. With over a 100 yard swim one way she definitely saved my skin and was rewarded with a few rib bones when we got back to town. My 7th swan to date love hunting them!

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    What we do in life... echoes in eternity...

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    Our other pup isn't much for hunting, unless it's snacks or lizards, but she's been the best fishing partner you could ask for. Generally stands out of your backcast and doesn't mind it when you punch a dry fly into her head so long as you don't try to play her. She's almost 12, and starting to slow down quite a bit

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    get over it commies..

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    Charlie excited at what's sitting in the tree overhead a couple of weeks ago.Name:  PC230819.jpg
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    How much l wanted to take scalps, but it was not my kill.

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    Charlie's like coyotes, dead.Name:  P7310752.jpg
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    How much l wanted to take scalps, but it was not my kill.

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    We put this girl down in September she was 14 years old. My wife and I picked her up 2 weeks after we got married. I think every person/family gets that one special dog in there life some may be luckier than others but this girl was it. Everyone that ever spent time with her would say the same thing she was just a great dog. I am not sure how many hours we spent together hunting, training or just being a family but it was a lot. I am pretty sure she broke 1000 birds in her lift. She went down fast and made the decision for us, we all knew it was the right time. I cant tell you the last time I cried that much. My 12 year old would not leave her side and he came to the vet with me. He is pictured with her I was really proud of him. It was weird though. As I was driving home wiping the tears from my eyes they dried up and a sense of calm came over me. I knew we did right by her all the way to the end and I haven't cried a drop since then. I still think about her and I still call my other dog Maxx sometimes. It was our first x-mas as a family she wasn't around.

    Here is our meat head. She is 6 years old. She is a great looking dog sweet as can be but driven to the point of driving you nuts most of the time. She makes for a great pheasant dog but a pain in a blind or specially in the house. It is amazing at 6 she hasn't slowed up at all. If there is something wrong a dog can/could have done she most likely has done it. Here is a special one.

    For the first 6 months (before I was willing to put a bark collar on her) she would whine really bad. We got into the habit of putting her in the back of our SUV in the garage when we would sleep. We decided to take a nap one day. I put her in a fabric crate in the back of my wifes expedition. I get a good hours of sleep and I go out to check on her. I open the garage and see her sitting in the front seat, not good. As I open the door the smell hits me. She shit on the front seats and then walk it all around the car. I carried her by her neck, pretty sure her feat didn't hit the ground into the house crate and informed my wife not to go out there.

    2 hours later I thought I did a bang up job getting the wives car cleaned. We got to dinner and take my truck, my wife makes me close up her car I told it would smell if it didn't air out. She goes to work the next day and opens the car door smell hits her. She goes into the house to get frabreeze. It falls on the ground explodes over her outfit. She changes grabs back up bottle and goes to town on the car. Sits down and looks, apparently I missed a spot of poo on the seat, outfit number 2 down. She gets change and goes back in the car, this time she makes as far has her seat belt and backing out the garage. She looks at her shoulder and there is a smear of shit on it, outfit 3 down. I am surprised we stayed married after that one.

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    This is my new hunting partner "Red" - He's 4 months old now, doing very well so far! Looking forward to next fall to get him out with me.

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    Here's my girl Maggie. She doesn't sit still for two seconds, so she's not the world's greatest duck dog. But she has a drive like you wouldn't believe. She's a great adventure companion and does a really good job of curling up at the foot of our two person backpacking tent on backpacking trips. She's also a mighty fine passenger seat partner in the truck.

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    Training starts in earnest this spring.

    She's coming along fine so far. Drop isn't as much fun as playing keep away, but the hand of god helps remind her who's in charge.

    7 months old and full of beans.

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    get over it commies..

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    We use ours for deer stalking, this is my bitch Ellie in front and my mates dog indicating sambar down the next gully. Name:  Ellie and dach indicating.jpg
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