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Thread: Tripod - Needed

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    Default Tripod - Needed

    I need a good tripod for my Swaro 20-60x85mm. I have a Manfrotto head that I think I am going to ditch for the outdoorsman head. One of the legs un-screwed and fell off my current tripod while shed hunting, not sure how that happened but now it is worthless to me. Should I just buck up and buy the outdoorsman tripod as well??? It would be nice to buy a Manfrotto tripod as I can order through Cabelas and use my Visa points but not a requirement. Which one do you guys suggest? Will be packing it in in on my back for my hunts so being on the lightweight side would help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Keep an eye on eBay for a Gitzo traveler series.
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