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Thread: Going price?

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    What is the going price for an eastern Colorado private land Muley hunt?

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    $6,000 is about the average I've seen

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    The 6k sounds right,but it's a crazy amount for deer hunt.I know of Muley hunts on private in Neb. for $4500

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    Hunted it in 1996 and only had to knock on doors for access, changed alot since then. Took a nice 190's mule deer. Very heavy 4x4. We drove the county roads looking for deer then stopped and asked. Now probably all leased up. Hopefully the corn will be cut when you go. We were just north of 1-70 at Arriba. Might be possible to find access around the smaller towns away from the main highways. There are some good and not so good outfitters out there. Do your research on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiStickSlinger View Post
    $6,000 is about the average I've seen
    I'd say that's ballpark.

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    Yeah, I was curious. My cousin and I run a ranch and folks are always asking to lease it or hunt it.

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