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    Quote Originally Posted by hank4elk View Post
    That should be real fun hunt,the BHS...well all of
    Ephram is spot on.They started showing up a few years back all around north of Socorro & Mag,all around. Seen some big ones just off the roads too.
    Talk to the state lands guy in Soccorro & BLM biologist. BLM guy is big on turkeys,but knows his critters. Both of them are good resources.
    PM me,I know some great guides who will give good intel to a fortunate unclient too. One client is new state DBHS record holder.
    Nice. Who is the guide you are referring to?

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    PM sent....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltho98;2602974

    Here is my plan, please tell me if i'm doing something stupid or there is a better way or if i'm on the right track:[/B]

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    I don't think your plan is stupid at all, and you obviously have the initiative and the drive to do it, but, dude, this is a once in a lifetime hunt. You will never get this chance again in New Mexico, nor maybe anywhere else. No shame in hiring an outfitter to help you be successful, and to set your mind a little more at ease so you can concentrate on your field craft and marksmanship. It can be pricey but it will pay off. I can tell you I've been hunting for a long, long time and my plan has always been that if I drew, my next call would be to an outfitter. I don't normally hunt the country where those beauties live, so I would be taking no chances.

    Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck. What a great opportunity.


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    They are taunting me.

    This was in taos at the gorge bridge.

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    I've put in about 4 scouting days in so far and i've managed to not see a single shred of sheep or much of any other wildlife.. but then again i've been getting there around 10am to a few hours before dusk and its been 90+ degrees out. Are desert sheep daytime active? Or more like elk where they are active right after dawn and right before dusk? I'm also having a hard time figuring telling the difference between sheep sign and deer sign. I've been hiking to the tops of hills and mountains to see if I can glass them high and low and I'm really not having a lot of luck. Any pointers?

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    You mentioned cow elk hunters in your first post. Don't expect to see them where you will find most of your sheep. But do stop and talk with them, you are not competing with them so they would give you sightings if they had any. Try contacting a member here named zia and see if he can throw you a pointer, he hauls salt up above timberline in some ranges, he might know that one too. Call the regional biologists and see if they would offer info. Good luck, be in top shape and be safe.
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    Where have you been looking? It's pretty hot lately. I assume they are in shade or near water in canyons to stay cool. Just a guess.

    I saw about 30 ewes and lambs on the RG gorge near the high bridge over the weekend. Midday and they were out feeding in the sun. But it was only 85 and partly cloudy.

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