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    Quote Originally Posted by Colberjs View Post
    Now if I could just afford the new Timberline they came out with....
    If money was no factor, that's what I would have to go with.

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    Yes I use mine for Smoking and Grilling

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSurveyor View Post
    Don't let me derail this thread but are you guys running the pellet grill in place of having a gas grill and a smoker? Kind of a do all? I've got a high end commercial smoker and a grill that needs to be replaced and was thinking of selling the smoker tossing the grill and just replacing with the pellet.
    I use mine for everything from grilling hamburgers and hot dogs to smoking ribs and pork butts. My only complaint is that it doesn't get quite as hot as I'd like for cooking a nice medium to medium-rare steak.

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    I have a green mountain that I love. My propane grille sees very little use anymore unless its really cold out or I just want to get something grilled in a hurry.

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    I just bought a Pit Boss this spring. Just made some smoked dove nuggets. First thing in my life I have ever smoked and they are delicious. Pellet grills make it so easy!!

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    Rec tec grills. 6 year warranty is best I've seen. They have YouTube video comparing them 2 a traeger is pretty neat.

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    dont get a traeger. ive had one for a few years and the door hinges are always loose, the handle gets too hot to grab, and its overall kindof a flimsy build. the cabelas ones look more sturdy. im gonna sell mine and get the cabelas one.

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