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    Quote Originally Posted by Colberjs View Post
    Now if I could just afford the new Timberline they came out with....
    If money was no factor, that's what I would have to go with.

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    Yes I use mine for Smoking and Grilling

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSurveyor View Post
    Don't let me derail this thread but are you guys running the pellet grill in place of having a gas grill and a smoker? Kind of a do all? I've got a high end commercial smoker and a grill that needs to be replaced and was thinking of selling the smoker tossing the grill and just replacing with the pellet.
    I use mine for everything from grilling hamburgers and hot dogs to smoking ribs and pork butts. My only complaint is that it doesn't get quite as hot as I'd like for cooking a nice medium to medium-rare steak.

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    I have a green mountain that I love. My propane grille sees very little use anymore unless its really cold out or I just want to get something grilled in a hurry.

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    I just bought a Pit Boss this spring. Just made some smoked dove nuggets. First thing in my life I have ever smoked and they are delicious. Pellet grills make it so easy!!

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    Rec tec grills. 6 year warranty is best I've seen. They have YouTube video comparing them 2 a traeger is pretty neat.

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    dont get a traeger. ive had one for a few years and the door hinges are always loose, the handle gets too hot to grab, and its overall kindof a flimsy build. the cabelas ones look more sturdy. im gonna sell mine and get the cabelas one.

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    I have a traeger. Itís flimsy. The dumb thing will at times burn too hot. Iím going to sell and find something better. Cabelas version seemed more stout.

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    Sorry. Guess I said that twice.

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    Has anyone here had any issues with their Yoder, GM Grill or Traeger rusting? I live very close to the ocean and salt/rust is always an issue. I'd love to invest in one of these pellet systems but am afraid it would be a rust bucket in six months. Any experience with this?

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    look into smokin brothers grills...augers, burners, fire rods interchange with traegers. The grills and racks are much heavier though. They used to be traeger dealers until they they sold the company to the chinese, so they started their own company. Order with the louisiana controller though, can't say enough about them, they are programmable with up to three different temp and time settings and the fan speed for three settings to vary the smoke. They only go down to 150, so no cold smoke. That being said I own two traegers and love them (with the louisiana controllers). The new ones don't look like they will hold up as well. As for general use pellets I buy all natural hardwood pellts for pellet furnaces. They are hickory and oak, they are $3.59 for 40# here in SE Mo.

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    I have completely given up on my gas grill in favor of my Traeger, in part because it's so nice to see how much fuel you have (or don't have). Igniters on gas grills don't seem to last,and I would say a Traeger is not any different for me in terms of effort- turn it on, go out five minutes later turn to desired temp, and close the lid.

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