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Thread: MT Draw Week

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoots-straight View Post
    I'm looking for the same thing tjones is. Weird how that happened.Attachment 70023
    Thats fantastic! congratulations.

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    Holy smokes. I don't ever recall a year where so many Hunt Talk folks drew so many Montana permits for great deer and elk hunts. Gonna be some fun stories and pics getting posted here this season.
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    It does seem like a lot . Just sad I'm not one of them oh well still got the gen big game combo

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    Just got off the phone with FWPs, they wont have my situation squared away till next week sometime

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    Nothing but more points for me again.

    Looking through the posts, If you take away the 900 and unlimited tags, it doesn't seem like that many guys drew premium type tags this year. Especially for Mule Deer; couple tough to get tags for a few here, but less than a handful.

    Good luck to the fortunate few who drew really good tags, we will all live vicariously through you.

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    Umm... I know they did the drawing for this unit already given the other threads... any idea whats up?
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    I would be interested in hearing from FWP a step-by-step process of specifically how they hold their draw, what IT problems they encountered, what they need to do to fix it, etc..

    If you can't draw second choice on a party tag, that is news to me as well considering I have done it twice

    Having an IT mistake is one thing, if what fin said happened to his friend is true, unless the rules on party tags have been changed, is downright unacceptable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MHMT View Post

    She said "we don't have to hunt together"
    I have the same tag. Most likely fate. We will be fine on the mountain....without you. ;-)

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    I drew 410 archery elk.. Didn't put in for any mulie units.

    Congrats to all who drew!

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    Got a unit 310-45 elk tag as a third choice. Trying to decide whether to hunt that unit or look somewhere else due to all the stories I've heard about predator numbers.
    Congrats to everyone else whe drew!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shoots-straight View Post
    I'm looking for the same thing tjones is. Weird how that happened.

    Attachment 70023
    Hey, that was my tag! You better get out of my crawlspace Shoots, and start doing some scouting.
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    Got my 900-20 archery permit, now just have to decide where I'm going to take it. No go on the 270 deer permit with 0 points, unbelievable. Good luck everyone, let the scouting begin. Let's see if we can crash Google Maps & Cadastral.

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    Yep it's my year!

    Congrats to you Rooters!!!!
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    It seems like after a long dry spell, lightning tends to strike twice near the same spot. My daughter drew the same Breaks rifle tag as I did. We put in separately to maximize our odds of one person in our family drawing a good tag. Now we have two!

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    Good for you and your daughter Gerald. I hope you guys get some nice bulls.

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    go get er done Gerald! should be a great hunt with lots of action
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    After riding this roller coaster all week and not taking off my lucky socks, in the end we got our tag! MT here we come!

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    Well guys...I went 0-fer so that selflessly, you could draw your tags. Your welcome

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    Well my brother in law and I drew rifle breaks bull tags. He's had a few close calls but hasn't killed an elk yet. This should be a great opportunity to get his first elk! Congrats to all who drew tags. This is going to be a great year!

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    Grats to all who drew! Wow, some good peeps scored some great tags!

    Major win for The Martin's family! Gerald, what an epic hunt that will be!
    I drew the big T-Rex EGG. Well not totally true, I gained another set of points.
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