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    So for those of you commenting, which Leica pair is preferable for the spot and stalk hunter?

    To the original question, there are some really nice deals on Leupold BX-3 Mojave right now. I really like mine.

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    I like the ultravids. There is a new model called the noctivid, its about $300.00 more and has a different design. I'd personally wait on that one till its been out awhile. It essentially is an apochromat. I like the 1042 myself GJ
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    Be sure to check out prices at the big camera wholesalers in NYC. About the only good thing I have to say about NYC is Camera Land and B&H Cameras. I got my Leicas there (B&H) a few years ago for just over $700.

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    Great information, I have been looking into new glass and learned a few things here. Thanks!

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    The best 10x binos are Swarovski 8.5x42s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheff View Post
    The new Vortex or an old pair of Leupold Gold Rings would be my choice. Truthfully Leica is the best there is but we all have a budget.
    We been using vortex binos for awhile and have been good to us .

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    Personally, i bought the Vortex Raptors. Love thesr things.
    And for $100, free shipping.

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    I too am trying to round out my gear for the west, and here's what I did- I went to my nearest bass pro & cabalas and took a look through A BUNCH on binos. I thought heading in I would love the vortex diamondbacks and yes they are great at about $250, but then I tried the vortex viper HDs and sold myself on their price tag of $550. Here's my justification to my gf and myself- vortex has a lifetime guarantee and I'd rather feel the pain once and buy great glass. I looked through the $2000 brands and those are barely marginally better to my eyes.
    My gf and I agreed the day I buy swaros or similar is the day I owe her a horse and stable and god only knows what else. That's not happening.

    So I say find the best you can "afford" and buy once, cry once. I'm in love with the vortex viper HD in 10x50

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    Default has Leupold Mojave BX-3 pro guide 10x42 in black only for $349.99 right now they're usually about $570 I believe.

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    I've been quite happy with my Nikon Monarch 5's. I am looking to upgrade this coming season if I can gather the cash to do so. However, rather than pay huge money for top end I'm looking to put my money on a larger objective lenses. I'm all for good glass but if light gathering is on the top of your list then a 10x42 set will never be as bright as a 10x50 set. Maybe a 10x42 leica can be as bright as a 10x50 set of lesser quality but the cost difference is pretty hard for me to stomach. An exit pupil of 5mm or larger is what I'm looking for.

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    I'd go with the vanguards over the vortex. My vortex 10x talons have been in 3 times for repairs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j_burkWI View Post has Leupold Mojave BX-3 pro guide 10x42 in black only for $349.99 right now they're usually about $570 I believe.
    That is a good deal there. I have the regular Mojave and they are pretty nice. The pros would be even better.

    I took my old Nikon Trailblazers with me turkey hunting last weekend. Wow! They suck. Around the house they seem comparable, but low light and long range they in no way compare to my Leupold.

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    Alpen Optics use quality glass for a great price

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    carson optics: not a real popular company yet but they have some really nice glass for the price point.

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