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    Anyone wingshooting pigeons (AKA Rock Dove)? I do my fair share of deer, turkey, and traditional small game hunting but I've found diminishing returns on the limited public land available in eastern Kansas. To remedy this, I'm attempting an outreach campaign to acquire hunting rights for feral pigeons. As an agricultural pest, folks have got to be keen on getting rid of them, right? It certainly would be a good tune up for dove season and hopefully offers an alternative to the grimaced striving or fat wallets required for whitetail and turkey land access in Kansas.

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    If you're looking for a fun, edible fowl to put on the table, you might want to get into crow hunting. I've had more than a couple of fantastic mornings in Kansas shooting crows. Then got into eating them because I felt bad...turns out they taste almost exactly like a dove!

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    Good luck! I'm assuming you should be able to get permission in a few places for the asking. If they won't let you shoot them on site, see if they'll let you trap them. Buy/build a pigeon trap them release and shoot them! I'd like to get into trapping them, but so far have been buying them. I use them to train my pointing dog (and me to an extent).

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    TRS, I've hunted crows quite a bit in the past but have never ate one. How do you prepare them?

    1_pointer, never considered trapping them. Sounds like a good idea for dog-trainer.

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    Cook them up just like you would a dove. The meat is almost identical. One side note is that I've never left the skin on a crow, so I'm not sure what that would be like, if that's your style.

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    Pidgeon is way better eating than dove. Not only are the breast two to three times larger, but the taste is much better too. I like putting them on the grill and use the same vinegar based sauce I do for bbq chicken. Feed lots, feed mills and dairy barns should have them by the dozens. They are always great fun.
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    Yes! Agreed. I am also loving these Eurasian Collared Dove, despite being exotics. Much more meat per bird, they decoy readily, and are great tasting. My favorite thing is to baste them with honey and African Bird Chili (Peri Peri) sauce.

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