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    I purchased this from cabelas bargain barn for 160.00 had mid fire problem that I found out about later, I then contacted traditions spoke with a wonderful lady. They asked for serial # and proof of purchase they then placed a no charge order for a new trigger assembly firing pin and nipple all at no charge great company and excellent customer service. I assume it was returned because of problem 1phone call and it is (hopefully) taken care of ,it already shoots great just not reliablely fingers crossed

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    Thought I'd reply on results on part replacement . Works great , muzzleloader shoots great no misfires have been shooting last couple months with no misfires

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    I had the same problem first 50 or so shots in it were good then had misfire problems non stop, also the camo on my stock peeled off anyplace that came in contact with my hands. I was close to tossing it in the garbage i was so mad but contacted traditions and they sent me a new stock and the trigger assembly. Haven't had a chance to fire it yet since i replaced mine glad it sounds like it solved the problem i almost swore off all traditions products after the problems i was having.

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    Never throw away a rifle over cosmetic issues pretty boy

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