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    Default SW Colorado Archery Elk hunter looking for hunting partners for 2017! GMU 71/711

    Hey folks,

    I moved here a couple of years ago from Texas and I am still trying to bag an elk. I will be hunting around my area mostly (GMU 71 and 711) because of ease of access during both scouting season and hunting season. I plan to do some spike camping and possibly some ultra light backpack stocking. I have yet to kill an elk but I am very experienced in the back country and I maintain a very high level of physical fitness. I am looking for some hunters to head into the mountains this fall with motivation and stamina. I got on a few elk last year but couldn't make it happen. I think if I am not alone this time I might be more productive.

    I am not a trophy hunter. That being said, I'm not going to pass on the opportunity either. I am mainly concerned with getting some meat in the freezer and have an awesome experience while doing it. I would be thrilled to take a cow for my first if the opportunity arises. The ideal person would be younger and fit enough to climb, climb, climb. I am 28 y/o and still get my butt handed to me by some of these steep mountain slopes but it gets us away from the other hunters and into the good stuff. Some experience calling would be huge seeing as it's a new en devour for me.

    What do I have to offer? I have strong legs and back so if you get your monster you will have an additional load barer. I also live in Dolores so it is super convenient for people traveling out of town and needing a good staging area to prepare to head up or somewhere to clean up before heading home. I also will have the entire summer to scout the area and have a feel for where the elk are before the season opener. This will save a lot of time, energy and frustration if successful.

    If you might be interested let me know!

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    I am interested. Planning an otc hunt in Colorado this year. I live in Cali.

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    Any other year and I would have joined up with you but I drew a tag this year so can't do the OTC option. I hope everything goes well for you this year and you get your first one. I'm still trying to get my first as well.

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