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    I live in the SE corner of the state (South Dakota). Anyone antelope hunt the national grasslands in and around Pierre? I've never hunted antelope, but would like to try it this fall to gain some experience before my son is old enough next year for a mentor tag. Looking at a DIY camping hunt if possible. I wouldn't mind picking someone's brain if they have hunted this area.

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    I have. It was my first big game attempt. Judging by filled tags I haven't learned much since then.

    Have you looked at the preference point draw information on the SDGFP website? I don't think that is an easy tag to draw. We had doe tags and didn't fill them.

    One of the big reasons I chose that area all those years ago was because it was close and had a bunch of public. Population has been way down. Should be the latest population count on the GFP site as well.

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    Your best bet is the southwest part of the state, there is a lot of walk in areas and a good number of tags available, And also the northwest part of the state is a fun hunt pretty much starting north of Sturgis to ND line, a good number of walk in areas and the Grand River national grasslands.Hardest part is choosing a unit to hunt, Have fun.

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    There isn't an open season on the Ft. Pierre National Grasslands, for several years the herd has not had sufficient recruitment to support a season. The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe is working on a fawn survival study, prelim data is showing that coyote depredation is extremely prevalent. There are a few goats around the area but definitely not going to be a solid option for quite a while.

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    If you don't mind the extra charge for an out of state tag you should consider your neighbor Wyoming. You get back off the roads on BLM you will get into some goats.

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    Not many antelope on the Ft. Pierre Grasslands, you would be better off on the buffalo gap grasslands or Harding County in the far NW corner depending on the kind of winter they had up there.

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