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    Default Wyoming Doe Antelope Help

    I'm looking at putting in for a Wyoming non-resident rifle doe antelope tag. What are some good units that are plentiful in both public land and antelope? I'd be putting in with the doe as my first preference, so I'm assuming my odds of drawing are pretty high. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'm not sure that many people will be willing to share their hard earned research. Many of us spend hours on the internet looking at units, paying for access to websites that give us an idea of draw odds, and then finding access via previous owners or landowners.

    Elsewhere on here you can find info on general guidelines: draw places you are familiar with, that are close to you, etc.
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    You need to look at last years odds for the non-resident doe antelope.

    Then look at this years proposed quotas.

    Then look at a map of the antelope units that show public land but be aware that not all of the public land shown will be accessible.

    Check out the walk in areas and hunter management areas for various units too.

    You need to figure out what combination of draw odds and public land and units would work best for what you want out of your hunt.

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    406Life, I figured that for bucks, but I'm just looking for an easy doe unit. Unfortunately I don't have the time to do all of the research between university and work. I understand if nobody wants to share their hard earned research, that's not what I'm asking for. I was just curious if there were any "not secret" units that were pretty easy for does.
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    Cheese Curd, thanks for the links. I will start looking here. Thanks!

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    You will also need to be cognizant of season dates in a given unit and the different tag types. Make sure you understand what a type 1, 2, 6, 7, etc. tag is (some tags are only good on private land).

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    My understanding is the doe is a completely separate draw. Your chances of drawing a tag are pretty good. They usually have some areas with doe tags left over after the draw. As far as finding public land I recommend a go hunt subscription. It isn't cheap but there have been several times I saw a promo code for 30 free days. You could sign up like that and take notes so you will have your info. If you were wanting to hunt bucks in the next few years I would figure out where I wanted to do that and try to draw a doe tag there so when you can draw a buck tag for the area you will have some first hand knowledge of the area when you get there.

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    Good advise on here. Also, when you are looking at units and there is an asteric its because pubic land is limited or inaccessible. Also, when looking at maps with public land, if the topo lines show anything but rolling land with occasional high spots then the land may not be pronghorn habitat.

    You will get more info on here if its pretty obvious you've done some homework. Use the search option and it will show past threads that will likely yield the info you want. Also, game and fish will put you on the right track or sometimes hand you answers on a silver platter, give them a call. After you narrow it down give the regional office a call as well. Also gae wardens are a great source of info. As mentioned, good info on those links.
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    Go to Wyoming G&F website click on hunt planner, pick antelope and then click on the interactive map and find a unit with good public to private ratio then look at the draw odds for that unit. You can apply for type 6 or type 7 as doe/ fawn tags and all are a random draw. Any unit will have decent doe hunting. Don't go opening week. Doe tags are easy to fill, you will have to be able to tell an immature buck from a doe- no cheek patch.

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    Thank you all for the suggestions and help. It's awesome to stumble into an online community like this. I appreciate the hospitality

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    another tip is to look on the Wyoming g&f website and pay a visit to the access program there are some ranchers that will let you onto their land to hunt does

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