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    Quote Originally Posted by MTGomer View Post
    The theory of evolution clashes strongly with the religion of climate hysteria.

    Anybody know how the goat population is doing in the Highwoods? It always fascinate me that they existed there.
    Not sure if they're still around, but when I was a kid we used to fish from a boat on Holter. Goats all over the edge. Both places are low elevation and weird to see goats in.
    Back in the old days, this was refered to as the Siberian Express. Today's religion of climate hysteria refers to it as the polar vortex.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigHornRam View Post
    Northwoods, do you buy into this science?
    Not sure what you are trying to get at with the article.

    However, yes, I do "buy into" the widely accepted theory regarding greenhouse gasses which trap heat, sending it back to the earth. Thus, more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere equals a warmer planet. Your comment regarding "climate change hysteria" depends on one's perspective. If you like fishing for brook trout, then yea a warming climate would be pretty bad for this species. Same with moose. Obviously there will be species that are winners in a warming climate (in my area definitely largemouth bass). Some species will be indifferent. I know nothing about goats, but to completely disregard climate changes as a factor I think would be foolish.

    Thus, climate change is pretty much irrefutable at this point. What we do about it is very much debatable and that is beyond the scope of this thread

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