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    Default Some More First in Colorado

    The trip was a very bittersweet one as I had to take the family back to Mississippi and I already miss them like crazy. However, I took a little detour on the way back and was able to do and see some things I never have before. I was able to see lots of new country, tons of animals, and catch my first pike and first couple ice fishing catches. Colorado is just an amazing place! Hope you enjoy the pics.

    The last two of a group of 10 bulls. Some were huge!

    Always fun to see buffalo in this kind of setting.

    Some guys that inspired me to try my hand at ice fishing.

    First ice fishing catch.

    First northern pike ever.

    Going up the headwaters of the Arkansas River.

    Headwaters of the Eagle River.

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    Awesome pics! I don't regret moving to Colorado at all.
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    I love Colorado. Haven't been there since 2012. I need to get back.

    Thanks for sharing those awesome pics..

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    Some real nice photos.

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    Thanks guys. It was a fun trip and had a blast!

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    Beautiful pics! I really like Colorado myself, my first 5 trips hunting out west were in Co. Swore I'd move there when I retire, then I did a trip to Montana. You figure it out where I'm heading in 7yrs, 6mths & 9days.
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    Can't really blame you there Elkoholic. I just have a little bit longer to retirement. Ha

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