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    New in box Cooper 92 300 win mag Tan with black webbing $2800 to your FFL. You can call or text 540-664-3343 Name:  IMG_20170318_131127985_HDR.jpg
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    Has it ever been fired outside the factory?
    Why are you selling?
    Where are you located?
    Have you weighed it and does it really weigh 92oz?

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    Whatever it weighs, that's a sweet rifle. mtmuley

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtmuley View Post
    Whatever it weighs, that's a sweet rifle. mtmuley
    ...gospel, I see no drawbacks.

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    I simply want to know if a 92oz rifle really weighs 92oz, or if the scale shows something much higher. The primary selling point of the rifle is its light weight; verifying that it's weight is as-advertised is something I'd like to know. Especially since I'd be buying it sight- unseen.

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    If jthomas doesn't respond, I could stop by Cooper tomorrow and see if they'll weigh one. Been meaning to stop by there for the heck of it. Heard they will give a tour. mtmuley

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    Very nice looking rifle. I have a cooper (although it is just a 22 mag) and the fit, finish, and accuaracy are exactly as to be expected.
    Forgive typing errors I'm either on an iPad or iPhone

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    Gun has never been fired. I ordered it on Nov 8 and just received it last week. I really got lucky to get one with this tight of a test target never seen a one holer. I'm selling it because I need to get a new horse and I don't really need it. It was an impulse buy and now 5 months later I really don't need it. Not sure what it's weights but I don't think Cooper would market a 92 oz gun at a cost of 2800 and it not be dam close to that weight.

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    Oh I'm located in Winchester VA. You can shoot me by text for quicker response. 540-664-3343 Justin

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    That looks like a beautiful gun. I'm just trying to decide if I'm man enough to shoot a 300 WM that is that light, and if I want a gun with a permanent muzzle break. I'll think about it and let you know. Thx for the reply.
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    There a pretty good thread on Rokslide. Guys are saying they are very manageable with the muzzle break and not obnoxiously loud either.

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    Dang that is a nice looking rifle!

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