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    14 days until NM elk camp..... check
    Trailer and truck are 80% packed......check
    85% of the food has been purchased......check
    Have to leave the country again (work) to throw this whole prep thing off......CHECK

    I'm not worried because I know I'll be back before my hunt. Nothing like major jet lag before hitting a 23 hour road trip

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    Great pictures and thanks for sharing!

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    Really looking forward to the hunt updates.

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    We are really looking forward to sharing them.......

    You can only talk about your upcoming season and all the prep for so long before it's just a broken record.
    I'm excited to get this season rolling and have some fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckhunt View Post
    Really looking forward to the hunt updates.
    I'm really excited too. But I'll be honest... there might be a lot of nature walks happening this fall for me. Gotta keep those expectations low. This is "average joe" material after all.

    Regardless of how things turn out we'll share everything we do, and keep it honest and candid.
    "Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you." ~ Mike Rowe

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