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    Quote Originally Posted by jvanhoy View Post
    Stay safe and thank you both for your service.
    Thank you for your support, jvanhoy!

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    You know this "overseas trip" is actually kind of useful.
    Its been over 100 degrees every day and I've been putting in some serious running/hiking time.

    It's the perfect training for when I head out to NM in July to chase OTC barbary sheep!

    Rumor has it I'll be getting back right when the red snapper season kicks off in Florida, so I am pretty excited to get back for that too!

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    I also forgot to mention that I picked up my Montana super tags today
    Who knows, maybe one year in my life I will draw one of these things!

    I've got them for Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming now!!!!

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    Over the last week and a half I've put on over 150 miles and only have 2 sheds from yesterday to show for it. Although, admittedly, I'm not really looking for sheds or in a good area to find them. The goal is to put miles on the boots and get into shape. I'm also trying to do my best taking pictures of all of the cool stuff I see. I figure eventually I'll learn how to take good ones.

    My dog ~ "I'm not much of a shed hunter, but when I do, I find all of the chalks..."

    "And giant sheds..."

    Hopefully, this week I will have the 4wd fixed on my truck so I can confidently head up to the mountains to get after some bear. If all goes well with the truck, I'll do a weekend solo trip either this upcoming weekend or next.
    "Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you." ~ Mike Rowe

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    I got a package full of memories today.

    I can't think of two better images to remind me of my time in NM... Barb are rugged critters, and every hunt I went after them was an adventure. And in my opinion there's no better symbol of the Llano Estacado than a male and female pair of coyotes. I spent many late nights at work listening to the serenade of countless yotes in the desert.

    You probably don't hear it often, but I sure miss living in that flat barren wasteland.
    "Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you." ~ Mike Rowe

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    Things are finally slowing down on my "trip" and I should be back in the US "soonish".
    I've started putting in some small orders for hunting/fishing gear.
    It's always fun to come home to new stuff

    I think June, July, and August will mainly be scouting, shooting, fishing, running trail cameras, and stand prep!
    Time is ticking down and I think I'm something like 109 or 110 days until opening day in NM!!!!


    First things first, when I get back I need to hit the core area of that large Florida deer was chasing. I NEED to find those sheds!!!!!

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    I was able to get out Saturday for a pretty good hike. My goal was to get up high and glass up a bear. Unfortunately mother nature had other plans. The morning started calm and nice, but quickly turned to windy, cold and uncomfortable. I saw a lot of good deer and elk sign, along with plenty of actual deer and elk.

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    Someone enjoyed success in this spot before me. Congrats to the lucky hunter.
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    "Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you." ~ Mike Rowe

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    Much to my surprise, I did spot a bear wandering around. I didn't have high hopes of seeing one with how cold it was. Just a few moments after I confirmed it was actually a bear and not another burnt stump, mother nature decided she didn't want me to see the bear anymore and sent a snow cloud to block my view. After walking over to the last place I'd seen the bear, I couldn't find any sign of it. Oh well. It was a fun and exhausting day. This Idaho terrain is not for the weak legged individual.
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    Found a killer shed too. Don't worry though, the Crew Cab handled it like a boss.
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    "Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you." ~ Mike Rowe

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanish View Post
    Cool country!
    It's a refreshing change of scenery compared to Eastern NM, but its been a bit of a challenge physically. I switched from doing a lot of running to doing a lot of squats to accommodate the change in terrain, and that's helped quite a bit.
    "Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you." ~ Mike Rowe

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    My fall plans have completely changed!
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    I checked earlier this afternoon, and it said I didn't draw. A few minutes ago I woke up from a dead sleep with the epiphany that I plugged the incorrect license number in. I immediately got out of bed, stomped to my wallet, and fired up the computer. I freaked the wife out a little... Normally, once I'm asleep there's nothing that will wake me up. (Unless it's hunting season)

    It's always been a dream of mine to have a moose tag in my pocket and to be able to actual hunt them. I'm aware 10-4 isn't a highly sought-after tag, but I figure my chances of killing a moose are better with a tag in hand than without. I'd always rather be playing the game than watching from the sideline. Yada yada yada...

    I couldn't be more thrilled. I have a pretty big challenge ahead of me, but I'm always up for one of those. After all, the greater the challenge the greater the reward.
    "Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you." ~ Mike Rowe

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    Good luck with that moose tag.

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