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    I've done New Zealand 4 times DIY. I only do guided hunts where required by law, except for some goose hunts. Been doing AK diy so if I was forced to spend 30k on a hunt it would have to be for Brown Bear, Dall Sheep, Mt. Goat.

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    Blow it all in one year
    New Zealand
    Florida bikini bowfishing

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    Leopard, Black Death, hippo and whatever else I could negotiate on the dark continent with my bow.

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    Dall sheep in Alaska and caribou if money permits.

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    I'd probably do a first class elk hunt and a first class muley hunt. If some money still left, a good whitetail hunt.
    Have done the AK thing and big travel hunts numerous times and now prefer hunts where I can bring home and enjoy the meat. Seemed almost sinful to me leaving whole moose and caribou carcasses in AK with the outfitter, and cost prohibitive to get it home.

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    I noticed everyone is all over the governors tag and guided pronghorn hunt. I would think you could almost guarantee something around 90" for that kind of money.

    I guess that helps explain why you could still do something like that for less than $30K when a top tier governors tag and guide would be 6 digits minimum for something like a 400" elk or a 200" mule deer.

    The crazy thing is that you probably have about the same chance killing a 400" elk or 200" mule deer on your own (maybe better) than you do of killing a 90" pronghorn on your own. Maybe 1 or 2 of them killed each year and it seems like they are always killed by the same dude.

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    Archery Yukon Moose and Kodiak Brown. Any Excess on Arizona Elk and Giant Muleys

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    Have we got a backer yet. This is a great idea.

    I am Alaska.

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    Good Question, I really don't know. Just read an article on two knuckleheads that effectively spent $30K between em' for 2 Bull Elk they could not even keep! Pathetic.

    With $30K, I would probably spend a year trying to keep up with the Big Fin hunt schedule in multiple states (would need 6-8 months with a personal trainer before I could consider it though).

    Tough Question.

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    I'd go for a unicorn

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