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    Anybody germinating seeds yet? I've got some chile seeds germinating on the heating pad now for June planting.

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    I've got my spot tilled and potting soil mixed in, but I still haven't decided what all I'm planting. I better figure it out soon so I can start seeds inside.
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    We'll start some seeds this week or next. Hopefully, this season turns out better than last. The August frost kicked our garden's butt- even under the row covers.
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    Yes, I have been sowing seeds of legislative discontent, weekly, since January. I have been searching for some organic seeds of truth, but those heirloom seeds are awful hard to come by, likewise some seeds of real change, not this hybrid, sterile, faux change that is really a noxious weed, kind of like the Russian Thistle (tumbleweed) blowing around seeding itself. It appears that the perennial democracy we thought was well established, and took for granted, has become infested with a parasite, so sowing some new seeds of democracy may be in order.

    As to my herbs and vegetables, I start those this week.

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    I usually start my seeds indoors in the middle of Jan. but i have so many plants that come up from plants that drop there seeds that this year i put some seeds out in Nov. we will see what comes up.

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    I have garlic, broccoli and asparagus coming up outside a couple of tomatoes in the green house.Name:  image.jpg
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    Sprouts galore. I'll put my garlic and shallots in this week. Looks like I'll have a good mix of chili plants this year for June planting. Mine are all raised beds or containers also.

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    Anybody use cold frames to get an earlier start outside? I've contemplating building some.

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    I've made a series of tunnels from heavy gauge field fence that I cover with plastic held down by rocks to extend the season. Works pretty well and about as cheap as you can get.

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    Chives, garlic, and onion starts are all coming up. Planted the cold/early season half of the garden last weekend, should start popping next week.
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    I've seen them here but with temps still down into 20's at night to come I don't know how well they work this early. I have a 6x8 Weatherguard greenhouse and the flimsy plastic really doesn't hold warmth at night down past freezing. The lower to the ground cold frames might work really well though. I'll be babysitting seedlings for at least 2 months til hardening for outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnCushman View Post
    I've got my spot tilled and potting soil mixed in, but I still haven't decided what all I'm planting. I better figure it out soon so I can start seeds inside.
    You live in Colorado.... We know what you are planting...
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    I use large planters for veggies & herbs. Start in cups in bay window next month.
    Raspberries coming up & sage.Elk fence almost finished. Blackberries,blueberries& more raspberries ordered.
    NM where I live is rough on gardens & fruit trees.
    Have plans for a small starter greenhouse someday.
    Hay bales being collected for planters & mulch.

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    30 Brandyboy tomatoes along with 30 Big Boys and 4 Napa Grapes. Might have a few extra, hopefully some neighbors and friends can use a few here in Sioux Falls. Thinking a nice ripe homegrown tomato on a walleye poboy is sounding pretty good right now. Had to break down and buy some asparagus to go with my bison sirloin I shot in February since my asparagus is not ready yet.

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    My little chilis and peppers are coming along nicely. Should be ready to plant in early June. Have about 25 garlic sprouts up in the last few days and the hops are also beginning to emerge.
    The next front doesn't sound too bad so maybe we're getting into spring or just wishful thinking.

    How are all your gardens coming along ?

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    My grandparents who lived in Worland WY always laughed about planting their garden three times. The first time when you know your chances area about one in a hundred that your cold tender plants might make it, but the winter stir crazy was enough to make you at least try it. The second planting was done with a reasonable chance that the weather wasn't going to kill everything with a big cold snap. The final planting gets done to fill in the missing plants that got nailed by the cold, or you changed your mind, or your neighbor told you about a new variety, or, just because you wanted to plant some more "stuff".
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    Sounds about right. Then we get a hail storm to beat them all to crap.

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    I ordered some Habanada (heatless habanerno: seeds from Baker Creek a few months ago and had a neighbor with a greenhouse start them. I split the seeds with him and my folks, but am excited to plant a small backyard garden this year. I've also got Lemon Squash and tomatoes (maybe Sara Black?-- on the agenda. We harvested the first of our volunteer asparagus today, but the pickings were pretty slim. Soil is terribly wet and I wasn't able to churn the bog this evening. Hopefully everything can go into the ground this weekend!

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    Well tis the season again. New raised beds and some new varieties of chiles, about 9 different varieties in all.
    We have 3-5 inches of snow forecast for tonight so hopefully in about a month they'll make it outside.
    I'm trying some Trinidad moruga scorpions this year for a hot chile beer at a downtown brewery.

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    I built 6 new raised beds for this year the old ones were getting a little long in the tooth and I wanted taller beds so I would have to do less bending over. So far I've planted onions, garlic, broccoli, radishes, carrots, peas, potatoes, and I put in 6 tomato plants Sunday. Still waiting to plant string beans, squash, okra, cucumber, jalapeno, banana peppers, watermelon, also thinking of trying to do a couple rows of sweet corn I've done it in the past with mixed results.Name:  20180502_161616.jpg
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    Nice, my plants just keep looking longingly at the window.

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