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    Default half day hunt

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    Found a few older ones, private land. Next weekend should be a good hunt.

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    Nice!! Jealous...

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Size:  135.4 KB Another day out. Not many brown ones but this bull made up for it, now to get it tagged by G&F.

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    What's the deal with getting it tagged by G&F?

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    Skulls with antlers attached can not be just picked up without notifying G&F and getting an interstate game tag. The warden must be notified and the location of the find documented for legal purposes incase of a poaching report etc.. You are supposed to call and notify when you get cell phone reception asap.Name:  DSCN0713.jpg
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    This is going to hang in a cabin so we are "'re-coloring" them, not staining. Pine tar, bark dust and dirt will bring it back to life. This is step 1 before boiling and bleaching and applying more color.

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    Your "technique" is definitely the best way to recolor antlers, short of oil based paints. It is however labor intensive.

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    Holy cow please share the details on how the re-coloring process works, thats the best Ive ever seen.

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    Just takes some pine tar in a can, a brush with stiff bristles and the right colored mix of bark dust and dirt. This is predominately oak bark dust, ground down oak bark, with a little pecan bark, and some dark soil from our wood splitting area.
    The pine tar needs to be spreadable, brush it on then rub the dirt bark mix onto it and rub it in well, gloved hand works well. After it looks even and the right color it will get rubbed by a stick to polish it to the natural looking shine.
    That pic above went from white to brown in about 3 hours including prepping the dirt and bark.
    Time consuming but worth it if you have the time. Deer antlers are much easier to do this way.

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    Thanks a lot Wytex looks awesome.

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