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    Muzzy 3 blade 125grain. Just as accurate and lethal compared to broadheads that cost twice as much.

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    I have tried a few different fixed blade and expandables over the last 20 years - some worked well and some not so well. For the last several years I've been using Muzzy 3-blade, 100 grain and have killed a lot of deer, turkeys, and a bear with them. I like the trocar tip, replaceable blades, and the price for a new set of 6 or just replaceable blades is reasonable. I have no reason to try anything different and will probably shoot Muzzy's as long as I can bow hunt which is hopefully another 25+ years.

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    Slick Trick Magnum 100gr as my primary and G5 Striker 100gr as a backup. I like them both. Both fly great, both are solid ferrule with a locked in blade design and both have replaceable blades.

    I prefer the wound channel of the 4-blade. Both are stout heads that have proven themselves. A head I would consider is the QAD Exodus, but I've never tried it.

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    Rage and I have been using them way back. I think they were Sonoran broadheads when I bought my first ones. However I will need to change with my first archery elk hunting trip in Wyoming this fall. I am very interested in watching the replies.

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    G5 Striker 100, have killed quite a few animals now with them including a Moose in January...
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    Muzzy and Rage both at 100 grain

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    Slick Trick Viper Trick 100 grain. Fly great and makes a big hole.

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    Very happy with Muzzy 3-blade 100 grains. Also like the QAD Exodus 100 grains. Both are great.
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    I have a hard time leaving something that works for me. Muzzy 125gr. 3 blades haven't failed me yet.
    Can't figure people down there eating hog when they could feed on elk.
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    My favorite was the Tekken II's but G5 quit making them. They fly true (flew true) and did good things on the business end. I took 2 elk, a white tail and an antelope with them.

    So in their absence I'm going back to either Muzzeys - 100 grain 4 blade. But I also have some Steelheads I want to try. I've also shot about a dozen deer and an antelope with 100 grn spitfires too. They are fine for deer-sized game but I'd be reluctant to shoot an elk with them. They fly great but don't penetrate all that well. At least not in my experience.

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    I use the original muzzy 100 grain 3 blades...a couple years ago I tried to fix something that wasn't broken and shot a mechanical broadhead, lost a deer and recovered the broadhead with one of the blades broken off, switched back to muzzys and I've been happy ever since!

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    I have used so many and shot several whitetails with many. Muzzy 3 and 4 blade, montec, T3, few different Rages, etc. The ones that have performed best for me have been Slick tricks and montecs. I really like the 4 blade fixed broadheads. My slick tricks, with minimal rest adjustment shoot the same as field points.

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    Slick tricks for fixed and shot swhacker for expandable. I ALWAYS sharpen broadheads prior to use, even though they are sharp from factory. Both Slick tricks and swhackers have been great on elk for me.

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    100 grain rage for deer. I have not bow hunted elk, someday when I do I will go fixed blade for them.

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    I am another one who has not deviated from what has worked for decades. Muzzy 4 blades here. Only problem I have with them is it sometimes gets hard to find em so I stock up when I can.

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    VPA 3-blade 100gr for me

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    Started using Dirt Nap DRT this year n really liked the way they perform. Like the old style 2 blade w/ the bleeders like the old Bear razorheads, they fly great out to 90 w/ my Bowtech Experience, n they make a great blood trail; no elk this year but multiple deer n hogs, they hold up great; shot an 80lb pig late one evening n didn't feel like tracking in the brush after dark so I shot her behind the ear n had a clean pass through the spine w/ the broadhead holding up fine. The owner says any damaged heads they will replace no cost.

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    I like the G5 Montec, strong accurate broadhead out of my Mathews.

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    Had to try the Carbon Express F-15 fixed blade, even though I no longer shoot carbon express arrows. Was looking for a heavy, small diameter arrow and Black Eagle had what I was looking for. Wanted to see how well they flew. Damn good. Getting tougher if not impossible to find so I may have to switch. But it leaves a helluva hole. After issues I've had with mechanical, I see no benefits to them compared to any fixed blade.

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    Sharp, strong,& accurate ones!

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    QAD Exodus - so freaking sharp you need leather gloves just to get them out of the package. fly very well at longer ranges. have killed two elk and a deer in the past two years with them. nasty little suckers. I never found the arrow from either elk, one was quartering to me, shot in front of the leg, and the other was broadside, and the arrow kept on flying way out the other side. they are sweet. just be careful, they come with swept blades that some states consider as "barbed", but you can buy the full blade version as well.

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    g5 Montech for Elk, slick tricks or montechs for deer (100g)
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    Muzzy 3 blade 100gr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridge Ghost View Post
    VPA 3-blade 100gr for me
    Same ones I use and I have zero complaints!

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    Slick Tricks here.

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