Hey Randy, great podcast! Meant to comment earlier on a few of the things you mentioned about PA. I grew up hunting in PA, and thankfully we do not have to display the tag on our backs anymore. My dad still does put it on his back and when I ask him why - "Just because... don't worry about it"... The main reason I believe was to be able to report a violation of another hunter since the tag numbers were fairly large back in the day.

Bear: I try to find the most remote areas of the state to hunt so I approached a conservation officer a few years ago about bringing a bear out. He said I could quarter it as long as I leave the head attached to the hide and leave proof of sex, but the "scientists won't like it at the check station". There is no written rule that you can or cannot quarter it. Most PA hunters look at you cross eyed when you say you would quarter an animal, but I sure as hell would if I got a big bear in some areas.

Love the podcast!