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    First thanks for the insight from everyone as I have been lurking on this sight for some time without ever posting. As they say opinions are like (blank) and yes I have one and you don't need to see or hear it.
    Because of my job (teacher) I never have vacation time in the fall to travel (beyond my one week diy moose hunts) Well I am taking the entire fall semester off to hunt out west. Yes east coaster that lives in Americas largest state park and I can hunt it (go public land). I am going to hunt Elk and Deer and want only backpack hunts. I kill a lot of game here and I don't have to kill to be happy. Where I hunt here I do hike in 3-5 miles as I find those deer do not go nocturnal and I don't like seeing other hunters. I will be applying to many states and plan to start with a bow and transition to a gun if need be. If I have to spend 3 days packing out an animal that will only make me happier so with that said please point me in any direction and I look forward to your "opinions".
    And I should say I am not looking for GPS coordinates I will do my own research.
    Thanks in advance.
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