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    Any members attending the Sheep show in Reno coming up? My wife and I will be going again.

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    I'll be there Tues-Sat, booth 1106 (I try to avoid the booth.)
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    My wife and I are going for the first time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oak View Post
    (I try to avoid the booth.)
    Not any more!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinkshooter View Post
    Not any more!
    Dinkshooter is the greater attraction at the booth, anyway. I have meetings to attend.
    Every day I'm hustlin'....

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    I'll be there Friday and Saturday, also be winning one of the >1 sheep hunts. Lol

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    My wife and a couple friends are going for the first time this year

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    I'll be there Thursday and Friday.
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    My wife and I will be there Friday and Saturday.

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    Randy , I'll look for you Friday! I'd love to meet you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sneakypete View Post
    I'll be there Friday and Saturday, also be winning one of the <1 sheep hunts. Lol
    My name will be right after.

    You going to pick the Territories or AK?

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    Not sure last they also had a big horn or dessert!

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    Jealous...we talked about going, but I couldn't pull the trigger with a trip for a CO mule deer hunt coming in 2017.
    I fully expect my name to be called for a <1 club hunt and not be there...

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    Oak/Dink, if you are interested in meeting up again, I could do Tuesday most any time or Wed morning (fly out Wed afternoon) - let me know!

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    I will be there hopefully getting kicked out of the >1 club

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    Right after me!

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    When I was first in the military some Marine buddys of mine took me to Tijuana to a donkey show....if wasn't the circus!!! I hope a sheep show isn't the same!!
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    I'll be there Thursday. I'm making the big trek down town, it's a whole 5 miles from the house.
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    MC NV, you better leave early airport traffic could be bad! Just saying

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    Planning on being there Thurs/Fri

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    Starting off the trip with a cancelled flight! Now having to wait till 6pm

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