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  1. Default Wisconsin hunter wants to travel out west.

    I want to start hunting for either elk or mule deer in either montana, or wyoming. But the draw system is so confusing, I don't know whet to start. Honestly I don't care about size of animal, I'm just looking for adventure. I want to hunt early season. I food see that montana had an early season that starts in early September. That would be perfect. Is it worth calling the state agencies and talking to someone. I'm not looking for a handout just looking for a place to start.

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    There's some decent units in Colorado that you can draw archery and muzzleloader tags with no points. That would put you in the September timeframe.
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    If you are serious about early season Wyoming...PM me.

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    Give the latest Hunt Talk Radio a listen Randy and Marcus lay it out perfect.

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    I'm over by Stevens Point. I can coach you thru some applications... I have been to Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.

    It can be like doing your taxes... feel free to PM me.
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