First off I'm excited to become a member. I'm from Ohio so naturally I'm a Buckeye through and through. I look forward to getting to know many of you. As you can tell from my name I've got a milestone event happening this year that I'm very excited about. Here's the help I need. My father-in-law who I've hunted with for many years has 16 elk preference points in Colorado. We've hunted together unit 62 and most recently unit 61 but always for cow elk in 61. His dream for a long time has been to rifle hunt for a bull in 61 but it doesn't look like he's going to be able to catch the creep. I see other units that appear to have promise based solely on the amount of points they require. Those units are 20, 49, and 76. I'm looking for a unit that's not too difficult to traverse based on his age (79 yrs old). He's not your typical 79-year-old as he still bowhunts whitetails at a high-level in Ohio, is comfortable using his climbing stand to go up and down trees, and can still walk for miles. With that being said he is starting to slow down and is looking for a not so difficult hunt, terrain wise. He's talking about cashing in his points 16 points for a cow hunt in unit 61 which would break my heart. He's been too dedicated to throw those points away on a cow. Any information or ideas for a CO bull hunt would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you very much!