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    I have both the old and the new version of the BD Storm. I haven't found anything out there better and have tried numerous brands but I HATE them... 1. they always turn on the lock function doesn't really seem to do much, I now turn around the batteries after every use so they won't turn on. 2. There are so many stupid setting I feel like every time I use the damn thing I'm holding and clicking the button endlessly for 5 min to get it on bright.
    I wish someone would just make a headlamp with Red/Green, Full power, and OFF with a low profile slide button that takes a bit to slide. Honestly who really uses the blinking option, the various light powers and all the other ridiculous modes. When I'm using a headlamp I never go "tonight, through this down timber with a 100lb pack, I want to live dangerously let's use the minimum power and roll those dice".

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    +1 on the BD storm great light and great warranty! Recently I had the red led burn out, so I called BD to see if I could replace the led they said no need to we will send you a whole new light..

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    Ive been a petzl guy for nearly 20years, have three of them, im on the energizer bus now. Bought nine of them when they were on clearance from midway about a year or so ago. Was gonna give them as little gifts to some hunting buds. Damn things have exceeded all expectations. No reservations about them anymore. Good stuff!

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    another vote for the energizer lights! I have one in each of my trucks, a spare in my garage for working under my truck and one in each of my packs. some are in some awful shape, taped together at the hinges and what not, but they are dirt dirt cheap, take cheap batteries, have several modes and colors to work with......can't lose!

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