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Thread: Headlamp

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    I have both the old and the new version of the BD Storm. I haven't found anything out there better and have tried numerous brands but I HATE them... 1. they always turn on the lock function doesn't really seem to do much, I now turn around the batteries after every use so they won't turn on. 2. There are so many stupid setting I feel like every time I use the damn thing I'm holding and clicking the button endlessly for 5 min to get it on bright.
    I wish someone would just make a headlamp with Red/Green, Full power, and OFF with a low profile slide button that takes a bit to slide. Honestly who really uses the blinking option, the various light powers and all the other ridiculous modes. When I'm using a headlamp I never go "tonight, through this down timber with a 100lb pack, I want to live dangerously let's use the minimum power and roll those dice".

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    +1 on the BD storm great light and great warranty! Recently I had the red led burn out, so I called BD to see if I could replace the led they said no need to we will send you a whole new light..

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