I am looking for any information from anyone that has hunted deer south of Casper, Wyoming in NR Region D and specifically Unit 66. I have looked through the search of old posts, but not much came up or it was older info. I am using an outfitter for a spike camp in that part of the world in October, 2017. Special deer tags have a 100% draw in that region from past drawing odds. There are muleys and whitetails. In talking with the biologist, they had a great fawn crop four years ago plus an APR of 3 pts, so there should be some decent bucks. Has anyone hunted there recently that can confirm this? This is my first hunt on my own out west. I have looked on Google Earth, have a GPS, but still need the On X Maps chip. I will be mobile with a truck, but plan to walk in to leave the road hunters. Planning on a .270. Any other advice? Season is Oct 15 through 21 or 22 (approximately). I am going to go a couple of days early to scout. Thanks for the help.