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    Hey guys! Been lurking for a while, but am finally starting to post a little bit. Live in Ohio and currently hunt whitetails and small game when I have the time. Have never been on a western hunt, but am bound and determined to make it happen soon. I work every weekend during the fall/winter, so I'm basically limited to an early season archery hunt during the first week of September. I'm up in the air for what species I want to go after first - most likely Mule Deer or Elk (leaning towards elk) - so any advice on species/states/units would be greatly appreciated!

    Don't have any preference points, but planning on at least buying one for Wyoming this year since they seem like one of the easiest/cheapest to build. Also - we are expecting our first baby this Spring, so going this Fall may not be possible, but I'm going to do my absolute best to make it work - even if that means buying an OTC tag at the last minute and hopping on the road. Fortunately my wife is pretty awesome and she wants me to be able to go - I've just gotta get everything taken care of at home first!

    Thanks, and looking forward to learning all I can on here!

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    lots of buckeyes joining lately. Welcome.
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    Welcome aboard.
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    welcome to the forum!

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