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    Default Hello from South Dakota

    I have just recently started checking out this forum, and decided I would introduce myself. I have lived in Western South Dakota for most of my life (moved East of the Missouri River for a few years, but will never make that mistake again). I enjoy the outdoors, and look forward to the many years of spending time hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping with my boys (who are now 2 and 5)! I was introduced to the forum as a result of watching/listening to Randy Newberg YouTube videos at the gym in the mornings (which I need to find my way back to the gym here soon). I have to stick to watching/listening to hunting videos because shopping for gear gets a little tricky on the treadmill. Anyways, I look forward to browsing through threads, and participating in discussions.

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    Welcome aboard!! There's tons to learn on here and with the podcasts and youtube channel. Hope you have plenty of
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    You did not "seen" anything. You "saw" it.
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    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome from Iowa

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    welcome from PA!

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    Welcome! I've been in CO this century, but I'm a Black Hills area native myself...good move going back west river! Lots of good folks here.
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    Welcome from Iowa as well. We do some mule deer and antelope hunting west river, love it out there. Enjoy what you have and the forum, some great folks here!

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    You live in some dandy country. I fell in love with it on my first trip west in 2015. Welcome.
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