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    FWP will be flying soon to do population counts and they will see lot of deer. Likely the highest count in years. The deer have really moved into the best winter range with all the snow and they will be easy to spot out on the wind blown open slopes. Deer counts could justify an increase in doe tags. Of course the die off this March and April could be substantial if this winter does not let up soon.

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    Montana used to have a guaranteed outfitter tag for deer. A total of the NR quota was set aside for the outfitters. The cost was double of the regular tag. So it was about 1100 bucks to get the tag through the outfitter sponsor. The law was repealed and all of the NR quota was put into the regular draw so the outfitters didn't have a special allocation. It was back a few years ago and it often took 2-3 points just to draw the deer tag if you were not in the outfitter quota. This last year there were left over deer tags, but they sold out in just one day. I expect if the winter doesn't keep kill all the deer, you will need to apply in the first draw to get your tags.

    Gardner Ranch outfitters have been around forever. I am guessing that they have been booking hunters from repeat customers and have not updated their website and have got rid of the guaranteed tag language.


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