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    I listen while driving for work. I average about 60,000 miles a year driving. I also listen on the mower. I just started listening to podcasts and have listened to Aton of Randy's stuff and have re listened to a few of them a couple times!!

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    All day everyday. Knowledge is power!

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    Baling hay. It's a great way to pass long days baling hay. I got a cord to plug my I phone into the AUX jack on the tractor radio, works great when I have enough signal to download one. After a month of haying I get darn tired of listening to the same songs over and over on the music channels. After a week I'm done with that.

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    Working over nights 1800-0600......
    "Never apologize for being a Patriot!"

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    Running. Anything to pass the time.

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    At work all day every day. As a draftsman on the computer all day, I don't know what I'd do without podcasts, SiriusXM, and Spotify.
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    driving to work(40 minutes each way) or when im cooking at home.

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    doing housework, reloading, or they do much better at keeping me awake when traveling. local travel i just use the radio but when i'm going out of state I listen to the podcasts on my ipad or phone 7hour drives down to visit family go much quicker with randy & friends

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    Always when I'm driving. I have a library of different subjects I listen to. A while back I picked up one of those bluetooth devices that goes around your neck. It works great for listing while working out, working outside, just about anytime I'm not in my truck or at a computer. It actually works really well for taking phone calls too.

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    Just a little tip, start listening to all of your podcast on 2x. In the beginning it may sound like chipmunks, but after a minute or two you'll start hearing it like normal.

    After you listen to a couple sped up, listening on 1x seems like everyone is talking in slow motion.

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    At work and walking the dogs.

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    I normally listen to them on the way to school. It's and hour drive so I can listen to about one a day. And I also listen when I'm doing some school work.

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