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    Default Montana 210 Mountain Lion

    I have a draw tag for Mountain lion in 210. This is basically from Rock Cr exit, up I-90 to Drummond, over to P-burg to Porter's corner, and down Rock Cr. back to the point of beginning. Gillespie, Tyler, Harvey, Upper and Lower Willow, Black Pine, Henderson, etc...

    I'm very familiar with the area, having grown up around there and deer/elk hunted it a ton. I just though I would post here to see if anyone may have some intel on any cat tracks from deer or elk season. I kind of doubt it with the lack of snow most the season, but you never know.

    I'll be going next weekend, and hope to go a total of about 4 weekends. I live in Billings so I can't go a ton, but do have a few people in the area helping out looking for tracks.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I did not see any cat tracks while hunting there this november. If i go back there before the season ends and see some tracks i will let you know.

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    Contact Royal Tine Outfitters, if you want a big tom.

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    Some nice cats on their page.

    Thanks Mander

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    Interested to hear how your hunt goes.

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    Things have been going rougher than expected. I took my sled in to have it tuned up and they've had it 5 weeks now.

    I've been able to borrow a sled - which i hate doing.

    Temps too cold for hounds (and for me) have canceled several trips. And yesterday a horse of ours was sick and couldn't get up in the morning, resulting in it having to be put down unfortunately. Due to this, of the three days I had planned to hunt over the weekend, I only got out on one of them.

    This past Sunday was a wonderful day, with fresh snow and moderate temps. I wasn't able to locate any big tracks, but found a medium one and we ran it anyway.
    My pal with hounds came quick and after a short chase we treed this young female. My wife came along for the chase and got to see her first treed lion as well.

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    Going to get back out there atleast two more times. If I get one, that'll be great, but if not that's okay too. Just the experience of Sunday has made it worth it already.
    I have a lot of respect for you guys that own and use hounds and the work that it takes to train them. They are a real joy to watch work.
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    Though I'm sure it's a ton of hard work/hiking I'd love to chase cats someday. Thanks for sharing!

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    Good luck on finding one. The experience of treeing one and being able to see it that close-up and get a few pics - definitely worth it!
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    Been a tough year for sure. Last couple of years we suffered for lack of snow. This year we really struggled because of the cold temps and too much snow.

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    It's been tough hunting. Like Gerald said conditions this year have limited access. I hope you get one. Treeing one is a successful hunt in my opinion. I have been out nine days in December and found four bobcat cats and no lion tracks. Since the New Years this morning was first day out due to blizzard conditions over the past week or so. Looks like next week should be good if you can go out. Good luck.

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