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    Default Hidden Buck ? OYOA S1 E5

    I've seen most of the old show and the new , but haven't seen every episode , so I started from the beginning season 1 , when I got to episode 5 , I had already watched it twice , but I really enjoy whitetail episodes as for being here in Oregon we don't get to hunt whitetail. So I sat down to for the third viewing. That's when I saw the hidden buck I had missed the the other 2 times I watched the show , Randy had tagged out , and Scott was out in some cottonwoods leaning up against a tree when out came a buck at his 1 o'clock and walk right passed him less than 10 feet from him , as the camera man follows the buck past Scott for a few tenths of a second , then the camera goes back to Scott and that's when I saw him standing 25 feet behind the guys just standing there. looking at the guys was a different buck,he walked up behind them from there blind spot and was just chilling out , I laughed out loud ! You can watch a show 2 times and think you saw it all, then the 3rd time I see another buck ! If you pause the YouTube show at 13:47 There's the hidden buck , if I missed him twice , I can't be the only one , here is a screen shot from my cell ! Makes me wonder when were out chasing deer how many are just standing there looking at us and we miss them !!
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    Great catch!

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