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    Weapon of choice was my 30-06 I planned to use my .338 Win Mag that I used for my Wyoming bison but I kind of wanted to add another species to my 06 list. The shot was only 42 yards and the dial on the scope on my 30-06 goes down to 100 yards and the .338 only dials down to 200. I wanted to do another neck shot so I wanted to be as accurate as possible and I'm more comfortable with the 06 at that range. It went right down but was still trying to move a little so it got an insurance shot just to be on the safe side. We brought the meat back in quarters, actually 6 pieces as the front shoulders were removed to allow it to cool quicker. It's at the butcher near my home now, 950 pounds hanging. I usually cut up my own deer, elk, antelope etc. but a buffalo is a big job and I'm not a very good butcher. I left the head & hide at a taxidermist over there. The taxidermist in Wyoming that I used on the last one is no longer in business so I used one over there that a friend has used for years. When I dropped it off at the taxidermist he was working on the hide from another big bull from a ranch hunt that had badly injured the hunter when it got back on it's feet and ran over top the hunter breaking ribs and puncturing a lung and resulting in a life-flight ride to the ER. I guess where a lot of problems arise is from the way the spine runs, it's very deceiving. The bones on the top of the spine that support the hump are up to two feet long and heavy bone. If the bullet hits that, it's connected to the spinal cord so the animal goes right down. But because no damage was actually done to the spinal cord a moment later it's up and may not be in a good mood.

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    Awesome!!! Enjoy the meat. We aged our 7 1/2 year cow 14 days at home and she was very tender.

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    Congrats!! That hunt is definitely on my bucket list!!
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    I am pretty sure I read on the site you can ONLY use a firearm .24 cal and providing atleast 2,200lbs of energy at the muzzle on this hunt

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    curious: how much of a hunt did it feel like?

    bison are an intriguing species to me, but don't like the looks of a lot of the ranch hunts where it appears as though you drive out, walk over 2 hills make a stalk and shoot.

    i know the odds are not in my favor with SD or some of the other limited draw bison hunts but worth it if it's more exciting than shooting an angry beef cow in the pasture

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    Congrats to both of you! that is an iconic species of game animal that not many people can say they have hunted. Pretty darn cool. Not to mention the plethora of excellent meat!

    Hope I can join the ranks of wild bison hunters some day!
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