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    so i just started hunting again in 2013 after 25 years off ! lol these are what i've picked up the last 3 seasons
    2013 i picked up the 3 point mule shed and small rocky mtn elk on right in eastern oregon on mule hunt
    2014 i picked up the big rocky mtn elk in ctr right on eastern oregon mule hunt
    2015 got small 5 point Roosevelt in ctr on NW OR blacktail hunt then big roosevelt on left on my NW OR elk hunt
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    Nice find

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    Found this Roosevelt Head on a father son backpack camping trip some years back before I started hunting again

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    nice looking sheds!!

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    DAMN !! LUHRS those bad boys are thick !! Rosie sheds ???
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    Yes they are. South Coast bulls.

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    Found my 3rd Roosevelt shed yesterday out looking at some new country, i drove around a corner and started up hill, I could see some old tracks where a herd came down a hillside along the road and i thought holy crap that was a lot of elk , then as i looked forward again , i was like holy crap there's an antler in the road , after picking up the shed I walked both sides of the road and the followed the tracks back up the hillside looking for the other , never did , Got lucky on this one , NW Oregon Roosevelt sheds IMO are extremely hard to come by because Roosevelts don't migrate to winter anywhere, so there's not a general area you can go look for elk sheds like I've read and seen pics from you hunttalkers post from your Midwest sheds , Elk stay and live in the same general area here and the Coast Range is brushy to say the least, so when u do stumble on one it's a real treasure, I washed it up when I got home , it still has some nice color , it's about 2 feet long with a broken tip off the main and his 3 other point are all 5 1/2 to 6 inches . This find made my day

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