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    Default Idaho Unit 19A for Elk

    After doing some research (GoHunt Insider, Onyx Maps, Forum Searches, etc.) I think I'm going to try Idaho unit 19A in hopes of getting my first elk this year. Put in for some controlled hunts but was unsuccessful so I'm planning on an OTC rifle hunt. I'm in good shape and prepared to hike in far from roads. I will be heading over in a few weeks to scout the area. I was thinking I'd try to find somewhere to camp near the "town" of Warren. Just wondering if somebody with knowledge of this area can tell me if I'm wasting my time looking for elk here. I hunted unit 25 for mule deer last year and didn't see any elk. I'd be okay with just doing a mule deer hunt again, but would really prefer an elk since I've shot plenty of mule deer but never an elk. However, given the non-resident tag cost, I'm hoping the area I've chosen isn't a total waste. Thanks!

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    Did you hunt unit 19A? I’m headed there this year for my first Idaho DIY OTC elk hunt. I’d appreciate any advice that you’re willing to share.

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    How soon are you planning on driving in?
    Road probably won't be open until the end of June or somewhere close to that time frame.
    Big fire in there years ago. So don't know how good it is anymore.
    I have cousins that hunt by Payette upper lake and the last couple of years has been slim pickings.
    Haven't hunted in there in 40 years probably so can't tell you anything you probably don't already know.

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    I live out of state, so preseason scouting is off of the table. Im relying on advice from biologist, wardens, locals and those with first hand knowledge. My plan is to e-scout and arrive a few days prior to the general elk rifle opener to get the lay of the land. My focus right now is on units 19A and 23.

    If you can you offer any general advice for either zone, such as focus on the northern portion or elk winter/summer grounds - Id appreciate it.

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    Check out my hunt on the live hunt forum from 2 years ago, that 6 pt bull was taken in 19A. I was 3.9 miles from trailhead I think. There are elk there along with a few wolves. Good luck.
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    Duck-Slayer thanks for the tip. I hadn’t spent any time in the live hunts section. Appears to be an excellent resource for viewing photos of terrain.

    One question - I’m seeing a mix of ATVs, motorcycle and basic trails within this unit. I assume the ATVs trails are heavily used, does the same hold true for the motorcycle trails during hunting season?

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