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    So I'm trying to get the girlfriend to start getting into the outdoors. So far she is all in she is very focused on completing her hunters ed. and like to come out with me whenever I go scouting, shooting, or just dickin around in the hills. After the nevada draw results came out she was ( to say the least) disappointed. " So this is just all about money" and " What's the point if I'm never going to draw" are some statements she has made and in good conscience I can't really disagree with her I see where she is coming from and this leads me to the point in nevada the only OTC big game we have is lions. Over the last year we have seen tracks and sign and even a kill but have yet to clap eyes on a cat. So I was wondering what are your opinions on spot and stalk lion hunting is it possible is it just luck is it only possible with dogs any info would be appreciated

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    I don't know anything about lion hunting, but spot/stalk sure sounds like a tall order. My experience with new hunters is they often become discouraged quickly when they aren't seeing game.

    Have you considered hunting out of state? CA has OTC deer and bear hunts, I'll be flying into Reno this fall and driving on over myself.

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    Get her a preference point this fall for WY antelope and next year, 2017, she will be able to get a decent unit and have a good hunt. tons of fun, that's what I started some of my gals on. Now they can't get enough of it. Take knee pads and leather gloves for her tho!!

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    Thanks for the advice but I was really only interested in lions but looks like nobody does this unless they have dogs or spends 2-3000 on somebody else's dogs

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    I haven't done it, not for lack of trying, but they can be called in. I know a fella that called 2 in a year. They cover a lot of country, but you already have a head start with the tracks and kills. Besides there are worse things than shooting coyotes and badgers for your efforts. You'll get it done eventually or have a good time trying, buy a call and start bleating.

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    Spot and stalk mountain lions would be almost impossible. First you would have to find one. Even though you have seen tracks you would be hard pressed to ever find the cat making those tracks. I have hear of a couple of people thtat called in a cat but since they are almost entirely nocturnal I certainly wouldn't want to be calling for one in the dark.
    In 45 years of hunting I have only seen 3 mountain lions. Everywhere we hunt for deer, elk or even quail and chukar there are always mtn lion tracks.
    Since you are NV residents there are some areas for deer that can be drawn about every other year. The area 10 mid season rifle hunt is a good example and there are lots of deer.
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    Lion hunts are expensive but your heard pressed to find anything more exciting then watching a hound bear and hang a dirt track all day and then walk,into a huge Tom sitting 10 feet above your head. Your next bet is to call them

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    I have been lucky in seeing lions in my life.
    Saw one chasing a coyote across the road I was on just yesterday. Second one this year. # 17 in my 61 yrs.
    I plan on getting tag to try this year. Solo if possible,but not likely. I do have a couple local lion hunters who will bring dogs anytime I give them a call,and let me take the cat.Training the dogs.
    Never been much of a dog hunter,even for birds.
    I did get to work with a CA DFG Warden & USFW Federal Trapper For 18 yrs.
    Trapper was the only local able to legally take lions in CA.Got to set traps with them and track them after lions would take livestock in CA. So I did get some hands on layman training on how hard it is to take a lion without dogs.
    Funny thing, my warden buddy only saw 6 lions on his own while being a CA Warden for 35 yrs.Randy the Trapper said that would be about right...

    Bummer NV has gotten so hard to get a tag these days,even for a Resident.
    I got to hunt deer once there back in '78.
    Take her rabbit, bird hunting or just hiking/scouting til she gets lucky in the draw. Look into one of the few OTC tag states. ID is right next door.
    Remind her in the meantime,"They Don't Call It Shopping"!

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    My buddy called one in while scouting for mule deer in 022 last October. There's a lot of cats around Reno. Spot and stalk seems like a very hard thing to do. Cats are much better hunters than us. Get a trail cam and throw it around water your bound to get one on film. Pm I'll help you out.

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    since 1982 I have seen about 20 lions in the state of arizona. 4 of them were spot and stalk so to speak. 3 of them were while fishing. this doesnt count the one driving down the road that cross in front of the truck in the city, highway or dirt road.
    most were seen while calling.
    spot and stalking lion, I dont think I would waste my time, calling them in is the way to go. My daughter and I do alot of varmit calling every year with our bows.

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    Try calling them in, use electronic call if legal.

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