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    Good to hear. Been a rough streak there the last few years.

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    Looks like some weather is coming in this week for the opener, it never fails no matter how dry it is a guy can count on some weather September 15th especially when you got a sheep tag in your pocket. Definitely not complaining because this state needs it more then ever and I'm welcoming it with open arms. Good luck to all this week and the upcoming season stay safe out there!

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    Lighters, goretex, 4 season tent, puffy coat and pants, ice ax, crampons, ski goggles.
    I was sleeping on a pad on top of my sleeping bag with no tent just the other day.
    Oh I love going from summer to winter in the same damn day 3 years in a row. Stay safe and good luck!

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    Wow, two taken in 300 this year and now two taken the first day of the season in 303!

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    Another whacky weather start, we postponed headed in for a week tomorrow. I hear there's 2 plus feet in the high country. Good luck.

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    Kook City forecast convinced me to change my strategy. Looking at going over there maybe on Friday if unit is still open.
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    Tough times

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    Looks like fun, Gomer! Good luck to all you hard-core, Beartooth sheep hunters!
    "Ride due West as the sun sets. Turn left at the Rocky Mountains" Robidoux

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    Look at the bright side, it will make them easier to spot with that white background.
    It Doesn't Matter What You Miss Them With.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KClark View Post
    Look at the bright side, it will make them easier to spot with that white background.
    Fun opener! My brother was in 501 and got blown off the plateau, cold and wet he came back in.
    I was over in 500 chasing deer and this is what my camp looked like after the storm.

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    The white triangle is my tarp tent... Lol

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    Seems like you wouldn't have much concern about meat spoilage.

    Tough times for tough men, good luck guys!
    It Doesn't Matter What You Miss Them With.

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    You fellows might want to start looking for their winter range. Looks like they may get another foot of snow in the unlimiteds. Seriously, how much snow will it take to make the sheep start moving down?
    "The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir

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    I love playing in the snow as long as it's not below 0 and windy.

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