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    Hello everyone just picked up an antelope tag for unit 24 for my first ever antelope hunt. I saw that this unit has some public land, walk in areas, and TBNG that is easily accessible by major roads.I have done research and have narrowed it down to this and have a general idea of how I going to approach this unit and got the maps to help. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever hunting this area before might be willing to tell me how they did. Also if anyone could just give a couple tips for a first timer. PM me if you would like. Thanks

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    Good luck! Have never hunted 24 but I'm sure it's on par with the other units up there. Are you spot and stalking or trying to sit over waterholes? There's so many cattle being ran up that way that there's usually an over abundance of waterholes making sitting one very difficult. I spot and stalk up that way and have good success. Pick your landmarks and go! Don't peak every 100 yards or they will pick you off. When you do have to look move extremely slow. If you pop up at a snails pace they likely won't spot you. If you pop up with any speed at all the games over.
    Trent Williams

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    pm me
    "it's the HUNT, not the KILL"

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    I'm in the same boat as you! Heading out to Unit 24 in mid October for the rifle hunt. Any advice you might get on this unit would be greatly appreciated.

    Get the onX Hunt chip or download for your phone/gps if you don't have it already. Its been a huge help in planning our hunt

    We are looking at three spots, the WIA/State land area, a stretch of state land along Bishop Road and the Belle Fourche River and of course, the grasslands.

    Best of luck to you! Hopefully we will get on some goats

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    Hey guys, I picked up this unit after striking out in the regular draw, if any of you did any good in this unit I’d sure appreciate to know how you did. Thanks.

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    I got it too. Last minute decision to apply. Worth a shot I guess. You rifle hunting?

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    Yeah, me and my daughter are going to give it a shot, we’re planning on getting there a day early so we can scout a little. We’ve got the whole week to find one so hopefully the orange army I’ve heard about won’t kill all of them before we can get one.

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    Yeah I think it's hard to get on private land even with a fee. I'd be tempted to pay it less just to get something which will likely happen anyhow but rather so I don't have to put up with as many people.

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    Ive talked to a couple people who live close by there, they’ve said that this unit has a lot of antelope, has a ton of private but there are still opportunities to get away from folks, that is what me and my kid are hoping to do, we won’t be picky just about anything will do. Hopefully while our goat is being processed we will have an opportunity to do a little sight seeing.

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    Drove through the area as a kid on a family trip. Alot of nothing to look at. If I tagged out early, I'd go to the SD Badlands.

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    And SD Black hills and Mt. Rushmore and Custer State park wildlife loop.

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    Those are great ideas! Right now I am thinking about camping out in the grasslands for a night just so she can see the stars without any trees (we live in Indiana) but seeing Rushmore and devils tower again would be really cool!

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    I just picked up a Type 2 tag as well in area 24 and was trying to find a ranch that would allow me to hunt with a trespass fee. I've never done a trespass hunt and was looking for any advice on contacting ranches that might be open to the idea. I've got OnX maps that will give me some names of ranches but hard to find contact info. Just decided to relocate to Cody so I can be a resident but I'll just get out there in time for pronghorn season.

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