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    Default The reasons we hunt

    We all hunt for different reasons, but this hunt is the best video explanation as to why I hunt. The final episode from Season Four of OYOA. Thanks to Ole and Neil for their great friendship.

    Video here:

    The Hunt Talk story here. One of the most fulfilling stories I have ever written here.

    I only wish my schedule and Ole's health would allow us to share just one more duck blind or one more day in the cottonwood creek bottoms. I am truly blessed to have some of the finest friends and hunting partners that anyone could ever ask for. I hope your hunting experiences and friendships built around hunting fill your heart the same as mine is filled on hunts like this.
    My name is Randy Newberg and I approved this post. What is written is my opinion, and my opinion only.

    "Hunt when you can. You're gonna run outta health before you run outta money."

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    Outstanding, Randy.

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    Great day in the woods, congrats again. Equally entertaining is the rest of the thread after your semi-live hunt thread.! That was good entertainment to start the day!

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    Thumbs up Could not agree more


    I could not have agreed more with your comments on the video. It's the love of the hunt, the woods, the friends, that outweigh the kill. That's just gravy for us.

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    Great story and video.Thanks, Randy

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    Meat and memories

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    Looked like that was a lot of fun.
    How much l wanted to take scalps, but it was not my kill.

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    I know a few Ole's myself and hope to share such experiences in a few short years. Excellent content!

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