Each week, many people ask how to contact our partners who are supporting On Your Own Adventures, and in the process, supporting the self-guided hunter.

The easiest way is to email them and let them know you appreciate their support. They put a great amount of consideration in emails and contact comments they receive. It is hard to overstate how much influence you can have.

Rather than replying to the many emails and private messages I get, I figured it best to just put the contact links right here and keep it as a "sticky." Some are emails and some are links to their "contact us" page.

Thanks for all your support. There is no question that you are the reason why On Your Own Adventures has grown to one of the most followed concepts in outdoor TV. By thanking these partners, it makes it easier for us to continue bringing this to you.

Happy Hunting!

If you know other companies you would like to see supporting the self-guided hunter, please email them and ask that they be part of our show and website. Companies pay attention to what you want and your emails get them to think about supporting your style of hunting.

May your mailbox be filled with plenty of tags this year!