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  1. Fingers Crossed For Elk Tags

    Hey everyone! My name is Rich but I go by Heff to all of my friends. For me, my friends and I have common interests. So I guess that makes all of you my friends, so call me Heff. I am brand new to this site as I just heard about it a few days ago. Decided to join as what better way to have more successful hunts than to network with other hunters. I am a brand new big game hunter. I actually just got my hunters education completed about 4 years ago. The reason: my best buds wanted to take me waterfowl ...
  2. Colorado GMU 54 - 2nd Rifle Season Help!!

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    Good Day to All,

    Iím a new Colorado Hunter. Last year was my first year hunting for Elk in GMU 80 during 2nd Rifle Season. No luck at all. We did not even see any Bull Elks during our 6 day hunting trip. I was a bit disappointed because I did tons of research beforehand.

    During our Colorado 2017 Hunting season, I know we are going to GMU 54 during 2nd rifle season, Late October. Iím looking for some areas to begin doing more research for possible locations. I

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  3. Decoys - do's & don'ts??

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    I saw a couple of guys walking next to horses using them as a screen. The antelope paid no attention to them even though they walked to within 50 yards. I'm sure antelope see horses and cows all the time. I guess antelope can't count how many legs a horse should have.
    This reminds me of the classic movie Jeremiah Johnson where he and the old timer use the horse to get within range of the elk. Greenhorn Jeremiah says "he'll see our feet" and the old timer scolds, "elk ...
  4. MT Draw Week

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    FWP may have tried investing some money into a "new and improved" hat.
    maybe they should try a flat brim that is powered by pre-workout and Instagram likes
  5. WY General Elk Tag options

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    My dad and I got drawn for a general archery tag in Wyoming (or gun). We are amateur elk hunters and rookie to Wyoming. We could really use some advice from someone with experience there or a local landowner. We are considering hunting units 98,13,or 21 (unless someone has a better unit recommendation ). We would greatly appreciate any help . We feel so blessed to have this opportunity to hunt in this amazing state and want to make the best of our opportunity.
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