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  1. 2 people, 1 scope, two POI groups

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    Say you two go out together, he shoots your rifle - which is known to have a different POI when he shoots it as compared to you. Say he blows a leg off, gut shoots, or any one of the other crappy scenarios that lead to wounding loss. Maybe that would lead him to not "get into hunting". And the critters we hunt deserve at least a little respect.
    A rifle bought can be sold.
    Just a thought......
    Stupid post. Get off your self-righteous soap box and live in
  2. Idaho 67


    My dad, brother, and I are first timers headed to unit 67 for deer/ elk combo in Idaho. Not looking for honey holes, or your secret places. Just wondering if anyone that has hunted this years archery, and what they saw for numbers in both in elk and deer.

    Thanks in advance
    Cheers and happy hunting
  3. What's your favorite bullet

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    30-06 165g Accubond
    270win 140g Accubond
    7mm-08 168g Accubond LR
    6.5 Creedmoor 143g ELD-X
  4. Looking for sail fishing partner for Guatemala

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    Hi, I am an avid saltwater fisherwoman and looking for same for a 4 night, 3 day all inclusive fishing trip, $2400 each not including air.
  5. Nevada Elk

    Hi everyone i'm extremely excited to have started a profile on this forum! I'm only 21, but I am obsessed with hunting and would love to answer as many questions as i can to the fellow Hunt Talk users.

    I currently have 12 elk points and i'm considering applying for the 062 area north of Elko. I have hunted the 066 area my whole life for deer, but i've never seen any elk. From what i have researched the best areas to have success are in the Bull Run mountains and up around Pennsylvania ...
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