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  1. MT Draw Week

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    FWP may have tried investing some money into a "new and improved" hat.
    maybe they should try a flat brim that is powered by pre-workout and Instagram likes
  2. WY General Elk Tag options

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    My dad and I got drawn for a general archery tag in Wyoming (or gun). We are amateur elk hunters and rookie to Wyoming. We could really use some advice from someone with experience there or a local landowner. We are considering hunting units 98,13,or 21 (unless someone has a better unit recommendation ). We would greatly appreciate any help . We feel so blessed to have this opportunity to hunt in this amazing state and want to make the best of our opportunity.
  3. Sapper.Dawg's Iraq Update for March 2017

    Fellow HuntTalkers -

    As some of you may know, I am currently serving in Iraq. Tour #3 since this kicked off 14 years ago. I wanted to try out an unclassified Iraq update for anyone interested. Note that these are my observations personally, and should not be attributed to the US Government.

    If you want to get a good feel for the progress of the fight, and follow it, check out this site:

    It is a social ...
  4. Wyoming reg.F muleys

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    My son and I drew elk tags in northwest part of elk unit 51 above sunlight.Would any one suggest a deer combo attempt in the reg.F ? Looks like might be better numbers of deer south of our elk area, but may be close enough drive or possibly a good back up for no show elk.
    Any one close to there or have hunt exp. to share would be great.
    Thanks to all of you that post or PM on this sight.
  5. WY elk 51 type 2

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    I am new to the forum scene and this technology stuff but consider myself a pretty experienced and pationate outdoorsman.Enjoy reading all the info here.Thanks to all who post here .
    My son and I just drew elk tags in WY above the sunlight Crandall area.Hope the winter there is more kind for rest of season.
    Has any one out there had luck there in recent years?
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